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Acquiring and holding physical gold is becoming very important in a global economy. There is an increase in investors who are looking to diversify their portfolios by adding gold or silver bullion. It appears that it has been difficult for those seeking to get in on the action.

That may have changed with the introduction of South Western Bullion (SWB). SWB is a new bullion dealer located in Rapid City, SD, just east of the Black Hills. Having been up and running for only a few months, they have made quite a splash with the local community.

They have attracted investors across the pond by allowing them to purchase silver bullion through bitcoin.

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About Southwest Bullion

Southwest Bullion

Product Type

The product is ".999+ Fine Silver Bullion in Mint State, plus many Other Precious Metals and Bullion Products."This market is still very new, so the product type is only described as "bullion," and the fine silver bullion is not described. Then the addition of gold is mentioned.


The owner of South Western Bullion is Mark Robertson. Mark has been a marketer and investor for over 30 years. His experience includes public relations, marketing, and sales.

During that time, he has worked for and with several precious metals bullion dealers, including APMEX, Liberty Gold & Silver, Starwest Gold Corp., and most recently, Carrington & Co. He is a member of the Fort Knox Council of Guardians.

Southwest Bullion


The ratings are based on a scale of 1-5, with one being the worst and five being the best. The service has been compared to other precious metals dealers in the Midwest, such as Coin and Currency, Provident Metals, and The Gold Center. They have received a 4.2 out of 5 stars across 15 reviews with no negative reviews.


The prices are listed on the site as US Dollars. The price includes shipping to the US and handling. There is no silver bullion available for sale. The product description does not specify if products are "in stock" or if Precious Metal inventory can be purchased from South Western Bullion. It also does not specify how much each item is purchased for, so it is difficult to determine how much the buyer will pay.

Southwest Bullion

Sales Volume

They do not disclose their sales volume. It is unknown how many silver bullion products they have sold or how many silver bullion products they have in stock.


South Western Bullion utilizes several marketing techniques to reach its target market. They have made a bold move by partnering with a UK investor, but it is unclear what the results of that partnership were.

They do not appear to be paid advertisements, but they are believable endorsements. Marketing techniques utilized on their site are some banner ads, a few social media feeds, and a blog/newsfeed that provides updates on the company and industry news.

Southwest Bullion


The main competitor for South Western Bullion is Goldnerd Bullion. Goldnerd is a new dealer that has been up and running for only 6 months. The main advantage of Goldnerd Bullion is that they have a large selection of products and are the only dealer offering gold bullion. South Western Bullion does not offer any gold bullion so it may have an advantage. See if they are in our best gold investment companies.

Customer Support

South Western Bullion has an excellent customer support team that offers live customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These support professionals are very knowledgeable and helpful in helping customers through the ordering process and providing answers to questions quickly.

Pros & Cons of Southwest Bullion


Marketed as a "New" Dealer With Experienced Personnel

This business has only been up and running for a short period. The website and marketing materials indicate that the business is still new and has not been around for very long. Those seeking to support a local business will also be attracted to this dynamic.

Availability at Different Locations

Many dealers have only one location, and customers must drive a long distance to purchase their precious metal products. South Western Bullion has the advantage because they are located near many different states.

Bitcoin Acceptance Means You Can Purchase Silver Bullion With Bitcoin

If buying silver bullion online seems too big of a task, South Western Bullion offers tools to make purchasing silver bullion simple through bitcoin.

There is no need to worry about counterfeits or fraudulent sales practices that may occur at other dealers. South Western Bullion utilizes third-party payment systems, so there is less risk of receiving a counterfeit product for sale.

Attractive, Clear Product Photos

The product photos are beautiful, and they display the available products. It is easy to compare each product to determine which is best for you.

A unique feature not mentioned above is that South Western Bullion has videos on its website. They include information about the company and how to identify fake silver bullion, along with a detailed description of the design of each of their products.


The Website Can Seem Confusing to Navigate

Searching for products on the website can be difficult if you do not know precisely what you are looking for. There is no accurate method to determine what products are available in your specific category or price range.

The website is organized in a way that seems difficult to navigate. Perhaps the product listings should be in a specific order, and it could help if there were also discount banners for products on sale.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are not specified on their website and are not included in the price paid for each item. Charging shipping costs separately can make a big difference in the overall cost of your purchase with South Western Bullion.

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