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It's been several weeks since I decided to buy gold in San Francisco. I'm nearly a month into my acquisition and feel like it is time to share my experience with others on the web. I am a seasoned buyer of gold, so I have no qualms going into this purchase. 

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San Francisco Gold Buyer: Disadvantages

San Francisco Gold Buyer

Professional Service with Experience and Product Knowledge

I found that their service is free of ulterior motives and their approach is seemingly more business-like than most other dealers. I am not a small fish, so trustworthiness was something I wanted in my gold dealer. 

Free Shipping at a Fair Price

I feel this is the best advantage of buying from a San Francisco gold buyer over having to ship the precious metal from my home to theirs. Another factor that made me choose San Francisco Gold Buyer was their fair markup and good return policy. In my experience, most dealers overcharge you on shipping and mark up your price by 20 percent on top of the market. 

Customs Friendly

When I bought gold in San Francisco, they informed me of the customs procedure at the time of shipping. I was able to take advantage of a small loophole and had a hassle-free experience. Most bullion dealers tend to keep this information secret of retaining customers. 

Knowledgeable and Seasoned Buyer

Lincee, my sales associate at San Francisco gold buyer, was worldly and knew her way around the industry. She was helpful and knowledgeable and took the time to explain the ins and outs of buying precious metals as a home buyer.

Responsive Customer Service 

I did not have to deal with many salespeople; my sales associate was always available by phone or email. Their daily operations are quite efficient, which alleviates customers from calling back for updates and information about the gold purchase. In my experience, most dealers do not disclose their contact info on the web and will only reach out to you if you contact them first.

Fast Shipping Times

I was impressed by how fast they shipped my gold to me. I paid for overnight shipping to avoid a weekend delay and it didn't take long for the product to reach me. In my experience, most dealers will give you a shipping estimate and then cannot tell when your precious metal gets delivered.

Easy Access to Contact Information

There is a lot of online contact information about the company, which can initially be a little overwhelming. But everything seems very straightforward once you start dealing with their customer service and sales associates. The online portal made it easy to do a background check on them and see if they are professional.

Ability to Pay Your Bills by Check Instead Of Credit Card 

In my experience, most gold dealers will charge a percentage fee to use credit cards. Also, don't forget that some gold dealers did not get set up for this payment method. One reason I decided to go with San Francisco Gold Buyer.

San Francisco Gold Buyer: Advantages

San Francisco Gold Buyer

Fees for Credit Card Payments

The dealer will charge you 3 percent if you pay by credit card. This fee did not bother me because, at the time I was buying gold, I had already checked their customer service and pricing. If you do not have a bank account and cannot pay by check, this can be a significant factor in deciding whether to buy gold from this company.

The Wait Time between Ordering and Shipping Gold

In my experience, it took longer for me to acquire the gold than it did from other dealers. I ended up selling my gold on a different platform to make money.

Following-Up after You Buy Precious Metals 

I have had a couple of friends who dealt with this company and they both regretted not following up after the purchase. They let the product sit in their home for weeks before selling it. in my experience, this will lead to more profit. Selling gold from his company is a plus and helps compensate for the slower shipping process.

Not Flexible with Their Prices

I was hoping to negotiate and get a lower price. Unfortunately, they were inflexible on the price once I had set up everything over the computer. It is where I got to experience their customer service and know they are not that flexible on prices.

Slight Inconvenience to Those without a Bank Account

If you don't have a bank account, this can be a slight inconvenience to San Francisco gold buyers because you will have to open an account with them and make a large deposit before buying any gold.

Precious Metal Prices

I found the price of metals more than the local dumps and some reputable dealers I had met at trade shows. But again, if you are not dealing with a reputable dealer, expect to pay more for your precious metal. 

I would deal with the San Francisco gold buyer again. Their service, product knowledge, and customer appreciation are worth more than the price I paid for the precious metals. I compared a lot of different dealers and their prices, but in my experience, San Francisco Gold Buyer is one of the best in this field.

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