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When you're planning to invest your assets, it's vital that you do so with a plan. There are different investment portfolio types that are built for different risk levels. The right option for you will vary depending on your age, risk tolerance, and overall investment goals.

Palm Beach Research Group is a company that claims to make investing easy. They work as a financial advisory company that gives you information to "guarantee" prosperity. But they're also plagued by questionable reviews and an even more questionable reputation.

Is Palm Beach Research Group a scam? What are people saying about it? Are the complaints credible, and are there alternative places that you should invest your money? We've taken a look at all of these questions and more.

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About Palm Beach Group

Palm Beach Group Review

As the company's name states, this is an investment advisory firm that uses research to make decisions. They publish information that can help you grow your assets by using existing market trends. You'll be asked a series of questions about your needs and goals, and then you'll be given a customized wealth-building strategy.

With many investment advisory companies, the strategies are limited to investing in the right bonds and stocks. You might have limited control over other assets, but the majority of the strategy relies on these two components.

That isn't the case for this company. In addition to the traditional bonds and stocks, PBRG lets you look at private equity, real estate, cryptocurrency, and precious metals. All of these things can be held in a retirement account as long as you comply with the IRS regulations surrounding them.

All of the research from the company is independently done. It involves analyzing different market trends, different global economic factors, and what has worked for the richest people in the world. By analyzing the strategies that have actually worked for wealthy people, they give you more actionable data.

Every wealth building strategy is given background checks to make sure that the facts are accurate. Rather than working with theory alone, the company uses hard numbers to illustrate how people can adjust their wealth outlook.

The company blends a combination of investment opportunities based on your income, asset protection through careful allocation, and speculation about the market. They say that they have the most unique investment advisory service available because of these things.

Products and Services

Palm Beach Group Review

The company provides their services through different packages. When you purchase these products, you are given access to unique benefits. The price of the package and the services covered vary widely.

One option is the Palm Beach Daily newsletter. This daily newsletter is emailed directly to you each day. It has insights into wealth-building strategies that the company staff has come up with recently. Every newsletter is created by editor Teeka Tiwari.

Another package is the Palm Beach Letter. This newsletter is the flagship product of the company. It teaches you about how to invest in stable assets that generate income, like dividend-paying stocks.

When you subscribe to the Palm Beach Letter, you'll be told how different assets meld into your personal wealth strategy. In addition, the company will guide you through allocating part of your investment portfolio to speculative investments. These might include gold and cryptocurrency.

Finally, this newsletter also comes with information about how to invest in tax-advantaged ways. You can do this by investing in certain assets, allocating funds to a retirement account, or investing in offshore accounts.

The Palm Beach Insider newsletter is put together by Wall Street insider Jason Bodner. You learn about how the wealthiest people on Wall Street are investing their funds. By following their lead, you can generate ongoing wealth for yourself as well.

The Palm Beach Confidential newsletter is related to cryptocurrency. The company remarks upon different crypto trends and recommends some of the best to get involved with. Many have market caps of under one billion dollars. A crypto analyst puts together the entire newsletter, using asymmetric investment styles.

The Palm Beach Trader service gets you trade advice. Written by the Wall Street insider, this newsletter tells you about the stocks that Wall Street investors are putting their money in ahead of time. The research uses a combination of algorithms and signals to decide on the best stock investments.

There's a service called Palm Beach Crypto Income Quarterly. Unlike the regular crypto service, this option lets you see the research into cryptocurrencies that pay ideal dividends. Even when the crypto market isn't performing well, you can still get dividends from these investments.

Editor and cryptocurrency expert Teeka Tiwari offers a newsletter called Alpha Edge. This will tell you about the investments you can make as an individual if you want to beat the market odds.

The Palm Beach Venture strategy from Teeka Tiwari is an investment strategy that he's used to gain significant wealth. Before recent times, this strategy could only be used if you had a million dollars to invest. But now there are ways to invest with small amounts of money and still earn ideal profits.

The Palm Beach Quant system is a trading system that the company uses to detect patterns in different stocks and industries. This allows the company to predict future stock prices. By using this system, you get insights about which stocks will earn you the most on a month to month basis.

Palm Beach Infinity is the final service offered. With this, you get a lifetime of access to investment strategies and special market research. The company team states that they guarantee that investing in this service will help you grow your wealth.

Fees and Pricing

Each product comes with its own pricing. The price points can get a little steep, so it's important that you're getting a lot out of the information.

First, the free services: You can get the Daily and Insider newsletters for free. The Palm Beach Letter is available for a subscription cost of 199 dollars.

After that, the pricing gets a lot steeper. This is what you can expect to pay:

  • Confidential newsletter: 5,000 dollars
  • Crypto income newsletter: 3,500 dollars
  • Alpha Edge system: 4,000 dollars
  • Venture system: 5,000 dollars
  • Special opportunities system: 5,000 dollars
  • Infinity system: 12,500 dollars, plus an additional annual fee of 199 dollars for maintenance

Now, if you're going to be paying thousands of dollars for a service, you want to be sure that it works. Some people might decide to sign up for the free newsletters to see whether the information is valuable enough to be worth the investment.

Is Palm Beach Group a Scam?

Palm Beach Group Review

Palm Beach Research Group is a legitimate business, and they technically offer what they say they do. But they also offer guarantees that your wealth will grow, which is a huge red flag. Any reputable investor will never guarantee that they can grow your wealth.

In addition, the person behind the company has been banned from trading stocks and assets due to illegal activity. Some people theorize that he might be using the company "research" to artificially inflate the value of his own stock holdings. Then he gets rid of them and moves on to the next issue.

One thing is certain: People are not happy with the company. Plenty of individuals have not seen any growth in their assets whatsoever. There are enough complaints about fraud and false advertising that we cannot recommend investing, even if they are a legitimate business.

Third Party Consumer Ratings

Palm Beach Group Review

The company's ratings are so bad it's almost impressive. This isn't a case in which there aren't enough reviews, leading to a false inflation of negative experiences. There are hundreds of verified reviews from people online, and they are all atrocious.

Let's take a look at the Better Business Bureau. The BBB keeps track of consumer complaints and business policies for businesses in the US.

Palm Beach Group is not accredited with the BBB. They have an F rating. In the past three years, there have been 159 total complaints, with 84 of those complaints occurring in the last year.

Even if you're serving thousands of people, that is an absurd number of complaints to file with the BBB.

Of the complaints, 90 were related to issues with a product or service. Forty were related to advertising and sales, and 23 were related to billing and collections.

There are two Ripoff Reports filed against the company, though both of them are from more than three years ago.

On Trustpilot, there are over 170 reviews with a total rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars. That is an overwhelmingly terrible rating, indicating that the vast majority of customers had one-star experiences. In fact, statistics show that 86 percent of the reviews are 1 star.

Another 3 percent of the reviews are 2 stars, indicating a poor experience. Basically, if we're judging by the Trustpilot reviews alone, you have a 9 out of 10 chance of hating everything about the company. As of writing, the latest negative Trustpilot review is less than 24 hours old.

On the website Dirty Scam, the company has 26 reviews, all of which are 1 star. People seem to go to this website when they want to talk about being defrauded or misled by a company.

Better Business Bureau Complaints

Palm Beach Group Review

Let's take a look at some of the recent complaints that have been filed through the BBB. As mentioned, a whopping 84 complaints have been filed in the last year, with 159 total complaints over three years.

One complaint says that the person cancelled a 2,500 dollar subscription within three business days of the renewal. They had to wait ten weeks before they were told the refund was approved. Despite the refund approval, they had not received their money four months later.

The company replied to say that the customer was not actually entitled to a refund via their policies, but they would send a courtesy refund anyway.

The customer responded saying that they were satisfied, even though the company declined to compensate them for the time they spend trying to get the refund. But then two months later, the customer requested that the dispute be reopened because they had not received the refund.

It took ten total months for the customer to finally get their refund, four months after the company stated publicly on the BBB page that they would send it. The customer was angry that the company did not compensate them for the extra hassle and said they did not accept the response.

Another customer said that they spent 2,500 dollars to get guaranteed investment advice that would make them money. They began receiving spam emails instead. Their purchase came with a 90 day guarantee that they could get their money back if their investments hadn't doubled in that time frame.

The customer stated that they received spam emails without any helpful information for their investment portfolio. They asked for a refund, and the company said that they would offer a different product instead. The customer did not want to get a different product. They wanted their refund.

The customer continued by saying that the company's refund policy stated that they should get their money back. Failing to do so was fraud. They asked for a full refund and were pursuing lawsuit options with a lawyer and the attorney general's office.

The company responded by saying that their refund policy stated that a refund could only be used for another publication. They said the policy was clear. The customer's credit card company ruled in PBRG's favor.

The customer replied to say that the situation had not been resolved. When they talked to a representative of the company on the phone, the manager stated that the customer was entitled to a refund. She agreed to the refund and claimed it would be processed in 48 hours. The customer had not received the refund a month later.

The company said that they were giving the customer a courtesy refund. They also said that the customer would not be allowed to purchase any items from them in the future.

A month after this, the customer said that the situation was still unresolved. Though Palm Beach Group said they were processing a refund, the refund had yet to go through. As of writing, it has been ten months since the initial complaint was filed, and the issue is still unresolved.

It's mindboggling how much back-and-forth there is on the BBB page. Not only does the company fail to resolve complaints, they appear to lie about issuing refunds on a regular basis.

One complaint was related to the products they paid for. The person had purchased a lifetime subscription to the Infinity product, which allows access to all new newsletters and products created. But they were not given access to the Venture product.

The customer stated that they wanted to have access to the Venture product without paying extra for it, or they wanted to cancel their lifetime subscription and receive a refund.

The company replied to say that the Venture product was not included in the lifetime subscription because it was a niche publication. They offered Infinity members the product at a discounted price, but not for free.

Another complaint stated that the person was receiving ongoing unsolicited emails. Despite unsubscribing and requesting that they stop, the emails kept being sent. The unsolicited emails continued after the person changed emails. They stated that they unsubscribe every time an email is sent, but that doesn't stop them.

The company responded to say that they had reviewed the account and made sure that the account holder was unsubscribed from all mailing lists. They asked that the customer give it 72 hours for the emails to stop being sent.

Another complaint said that the person paid almost 3,000 dollars for a tech-related portfolio service. When they called about a refund, they didn't get any answer.

The service they invested in was the Palm Beach Venture. This was supposed to give information on immediate opportunities with IPOs. When the customer responded to the advertisement, the investment opportunities were all tech-related. Instead, the actual Venture companies were all related to cryptocurrency and cannabis.

The customer called several times a day for several days in a row, politely leaving their number and asking for information about the service. They were never able to connect with a real person and never got a call back.

Since the customer suspected it was a scam at that point, they called to ask for a refund. The company told them that they could purchase a different service, but they could not get a full refund. The customer called again and asked for a refund. The company said they'd review it.

The customer emailed twice on the following days. Then, a week later, they called again. The representative they talked to said that the request had been recorded. Two days after that, the customer was given a resolution that again stated that they could have a credit but no refund.

The company did respond to this complaint by saying that their investment opportunities might not have been the best fit. They said that they were processing a refund and that the customer would need to call their credit card company to ensure it was received.

This response was accepted by the customer without any additional back-and-forth to secure the refund.

Pros and Cons Palm Beach Group


  • Unique approach to investment research and advice.
  • Two free newsletters to sign up for.
  • Supposedly draws on proven methods and findings using algorithms.


  • Universally terrible reviews.
  • Not worth the price at all.
  • Founder has been banned from trading on the open market.
  • The entire setup might just be a means of market manipulation.

Final Thoughts

At first, Palm Beach Research Group seems like the real deal. Their investment approach is unique in the financial advisory sector. By using data-driven algorithms and information about what real people are doing with their investments, the company should give you good information.

Unfortunately, this doesn't actually work. Since the programs come at such exorbitant prices, you're told that there is a "guarantee" of success. Investment advisors cannot guarantee success. That's a huge red flag.

As if that wasn't enough, there is litigation pending against the owner of the business. He has been banned from trading on the open market in the past due to illegal trading. This fishy reputation has led some people to believe that he might just be choosing stocks to recommend as a method of market manipulation.

And there aren't satisfied customers. Though the company's Google reviews are relatively good, their Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot pages tell a different story. There are hundreds of BBB and Trustpilot complaints. Their total BBB score is an F, and they aren't even an accredited business.

You will not get anything from this company that you can't get from a more qualified investment advisor. The "research" simply isn't worth it, and there's overwhelming evidence proving it. Stay far away from Palm Beach Group and invest in companies that actually have your best interest at heart instead.

Although we do think that there is a chance Palm Beach Group is a "decent" company, we believe that there are better companies out there to make your investment with.

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