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The Pacific Coin Exchange is an online-only coin buy and sell exchange, meaning that they do not offer any physical delivery of coins. They are located in Costa Rica, one of the world's most stable countries. They have been around since the year 2000 and pride themselves on their promptness to help you get your transactions submitted.

A couple of miners and developers created Pacific Coin Exchange. They have been around for so long because of their high level of customer service. They are prompt at getting orders submitted, and some reports state that their customer service is rated as the best in the business.

One significant difference between Pacific Coin Exchange and other online-only coin exchanges is its no fees. Most online coin exchanges charge fees as high as 20% on trades. Pacific Coin Exchange has no fees. Instead, they charge a small fee to withdraw when you scale out of coins and another fee to withdraw when you scale in your coins. This is a fantastic option in a world where most companies charge the same fee for both funding directions or removing money from your account.

The trading platform is simple and easy to use, with one significant difference from other exchange platforms. As the name suggests, Pacific Coin Exchange does not offer physical coin delivery. But they do offer an excellent Bitcoin/USD exchange rate. The only problem is that you will have to wire funds to the exchange, which can be unreliable for some people.

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Pacific Coin Exchange Review

So instead, you can use the platform as a merchant service. This means that you take your fiat currency, convert it to another currency such as bitcoin, which is what Pacific Coin Exchange will create on your behalf, and then place this newly created bitcoin into their account for maximum profit over some time.

Pacific Coin Exchange is an excellent platform for anyone looking to accumulate bitcoins at a low rate or with products or services to deliver. The only thing that you have to make sure of is that you maintain your password and don't get hacked. In this case, you might also watch out for the fees on withdrawing your funds.

The online-only exchanges are some of the most reliable in the crypto world because they don't deal with physical coins. And Pacific Coin Exchange is one of them.

Services / Products Available

Pacific Coin Exchange Review

Currently, they offer an option for anyone wanting to invest in cryptocurrencies. You can trade with your capital and margin funds in many payment methods, including cash, credit card, wire transfer, Perfect Money, Skrill, and MoneyBookers. They do not offer any physical coin distribution, so you must fund your account before making a trade.

The exchange uses ViprSSL for secure connections and secure communication with the server. The server is protected by a firewall, packet filtering, and Web application firewall.
Pacific Coin Exchange does not store any coins on its servers, which means that if they were to be hacked or compromised, none of your coins would be stolen. You completely control your account 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Trading Fees

There are no fees on the website or in their mobile app. However, there are fees associated with withdrawing your coins. You have to be aware of these fees if you're trading with them long-term.

The fees for scaling in and out of your account are very reasonable for this exchange. There is a small fee for withdrawing digital currency from your account and then another to deposit currency back into your account.

Customer Support

Pacific Coin Exchange Review

Customer support is the number one reason Pacific Coin Exchange has been in business for so long. Their customer service is rated as the best in the industry. They are prompt at getting your requests and ensure you get the best pricing possible.

They offer an outstanding level of customer service. Their team is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful in the industry, giving you advice on investing and maximizing your profits. Also, they have many active users who have been around for over a decade, meaning their experience is unmatched.


Pacific Coin Exchange has implemented many security precautions, including encryption connections and email confirmation of transactions. They also have a real-time website monitoring system, which means that any suspicious activity on their site can be noticed very quickly by their staff, and they will act accordingly.

The exchange is run by a couple of miners who hold each other accountable for keeping the site secure and running smoothly.

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