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NYC Bullion is a company that has been involved in the gold and silver trade for over 15 years. They have been in business for this long because of their high-quality products, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing. This company is located in Philadelphia, PA, and provides bullion services to customers across the country.

The company website has been designed for ease of use. Customers can quickly locate products, learn about the company and its services, and even contact NYC Bullion's customer service department. By providing customers with a professional and comfortable shopping experience, NYC Bullion has built a solid reputation for outstanding service. The company is known for its higher-quality gold and silver products.

  • Product: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Yitz Kahan
  • Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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Types of Bullion They Offer

NYC Bullion

Different types of bullion make up the stock of NYC Bullion. Customers can pick from products like these:

  • Bars: Customers can pick from various gold bars available in different weights. The company offers 1, 5, 10, 20, and 100-ounce bars. These bars are made with .9999 pure gold and come with an assay card that lists the purity of the bullion by weight. Customers can choose between minting marks on their gold bullion; some products will list more than one mint mark due to their diverse origins.
  • Coins: NYC Bullion offers customers a variety of products when it comes to coins. Available products include American Gold and Silver Eagles, South African Krugerrands, and Canadian Maple Leaf coins. Coins are minted in the USA and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Like bar products, these coins are made with .9999 pure gold or silver.
  • Rounds: These bullion rounds are brand-new products that are very popular with customers who like to collect them and investors who want to purchase precious metals for their ability to retain value over time. Each round comes with its Certificate of Authenticity. Customers can expect these to be minted with various purity levels, depending on the design or quantity.
  • Royalty: This collection includes gold, silver, and platinum products once owned by kings, queens, and other royalty worldwide. These pieces are available in different weights and purity levels – all of which come with certificates to prove their authenticity.
  • Private Label: Customers can create and customize their products. The design process is entirely up to the customer, and they can choose from a wide selection of options regarding packaging, styles, or the product manufacturer.

Services Provided by NYC Bullion Company

NYC Bullion

Buying and Selling

Customers can buy products directly from NYC Bullion or sell their bullion back to the company. If customers want to make a direct order, they can either call the customer service department or place an online order by clicking on Buy Gold/Silver in the top navigation bar.

Once they have selected the product they want, customers can complete the checkout process by filling out the necessary information and providing their payment information.

Storage Services

NYC Bullion offers storage services to customers who want to store their precious metals safely and securely. Because of the nature of gold and silver as assets, they must be kept safe.

The company will issue the customer a certificate of insurance with their NYC Bullion certificate when products are in storage. It can be used if there is any damage or loss during storage. Customers can also request that they receive periodic reports on their accounts and the status of their bullion products.

Direct Selling

Customers can buy gold and silver bullion products directly from NYC Bullion and not have to sell them back to the company. It is referred to as Direct Selling. If a customer wants to do this, they can place an order by calling the customer service department or placing an online order and completing the checkout process as usual.

Private Label Bullion

Customers can create their private-label bullion products through the NYC Bullion Company. They will first go through the design process by meeting with a representative from the company. They can then choose their metal, designs, and packaging, pick their mint/manufacturer and select where they want to receive the new product once it's been created.

NYC Deals

NYC Bullion Company offers customers discounts and special promotions on certain products. Customers can either sign up for these promotions individually or have them emailed directly to them by visiting the "Promotions" section of the website. It gives customers even more ways to save money and ensure they get the best deals on their bullion.

Security and Storage

Customers can bank on NYC Bullion Company's secure storage of their precious metals. They can set up a safe deposit box or leave their bullion with the company for safekeeping. Customers who want to retrieve their precious metals from NYC Bullion will be issued a Certificate of Release from Storage based on their instructions.

Silver and Gold Loan

Customers can also borrow silver and gold bullion at NYC Bullion Company. Three different amounts of weight are available for loan, depending on the desired duration. Customers may borrow as little as a few ounces or more than 100 ounces if they want.

It's best to discuss this with a representative from the company to make sure that this offer is appropriate for you and that the terms are suitable for you to make your loan.

Pros & Cons of NYC Bullion


Competitive Pricing

NYC Bullion Company offers competitive pricing on its products. Most of their products are priced in line with what other gold and silver bullion companies sell their precious metals for.


NYC Bullion provides customers with an Education Center where they can find additional information about gold and silver bullion. Customers can learn about the history, uses, and benefits of investing in gold or silver. They can also find information on the various types of coins available from the company.

Customer Service

NYC Bullion provides customer service through their toll-free number or online chat, which can be reached by clicking Contact Us, located in the website's top navigation bar. They are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Design and Development

Most of the products from NYC Bullion are created by a team of designers and creative professionals. They can create any design or product that a customer wants, which is made possible through the use of their proprietary technology.


NYC Bullion has a team of security professionals who are highly trained and licensed to protect customers' precious metals. They have unique access badges that let them enter customers' safes to ensure everything is safe and secure. It is all the more imperative because of the nature of precious metals, which can be damaged or lost if not stored correctly.


NYC Bullion Company is open about the products they sell. They list their prices and information on each product very clearly so that customers can see what kind of products the company offers and why it is essential to purchase from them.

Customer Experience

Customers receive the best customer experience possible by working directly with a representative from NYC Bullion Company rather than through a third-party dealer or broker. It means they will have a direct contact who can answer any questions or concerns that they may have during their purchase process.


NYC Bullion offers secure, reliable storage for precious metals. They take the necessary steps to keep their customers' precious metals safe, and they are available for damage or loss of metals in the event it occurs.


Orders Take Time

Processing orders from a company like NYC Bullion is a process that typically takes a few weeks to complete. Customers will usually see their products within one month of completing their order. It is because the company has to receive an order, create it, mint or manufacture it, and ship it out.

USPS Shipping

USPS shipping used by NYC Bullion is often slower than other shipping methods that other companies use. However, customers can use a faster shipping method for an additional fee if they want their products sent out more quickly.

Sales Tax

An additional sales tax will be added to purchase any gold or silver bullion products sold by NYC Bullion Company. It means that customers who live in states with a sales tax will have to pay it on top of the product price.

Customer Service

If a customer has a problem with their order, whether it is a shipping issue or something else entirely, NYC Bullion Company does not allow them to contact their customer service department directly.

Instead, customers have to email the company through their Contact Us page. It means that the customer and company have to take additional steps if there is a problem with their order and it takes longer to solve.

NYC Prices

NYC Bullion Company prices are based on the current price of gold or silver in New York City, making them higher than other companies that do not base their prices on this location.

Customers should be prepared to wait for their order and have it shipped through USPS if they order it from NYC Bullion Company, but they will also receive a product they can trust, thanks to the security that the company provides.

The products sold at NYC Bullion Company are fine precious metal coins. They offer competitive pricing, and they are available in a variety of quantities to suit all needs.

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