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Precious metals are a safety net against economic calamity, and there are many reasons why investing in them makes sense. Gold prices have risen dramatically over the past two decades, for example. It may not be great news for everyone, but it does spell out a lot of opportunities for those who want to buy gold and silver coins from the Northwest Territorial Mint.

Northwest Territorial is one of the leading precious metal coin producers in North America.

Of course, gold and silver coins aren't the only way to invest in precious metals. If you want to buy them but find storing and securing gold and silver coins too daunting, Northwest Territories' storage vaults are a great option.

Your gold can be stored safely in a vault while you watch the tape of bullion prices rise. The vaults have been specifically designed to keep your precious metals at optimal levels without compromising the durability of your coins.

Northwest Territories also issue commemorative coins, which immortalize your favorite historical figures and events. It can be an excellent way to remember different things from your own life, like the birth of a child or the wedding anniversary.

You may also want to check out Northwest Territorial Mint's selection of bullion bars, which are composed entirely of pure gold or silver. For example, Northwest Territories has a 1-ounce gold bar worth $50. The purity level is .99999 fine gold, which means that there's just 1/10th of a gram of metal in the bullion bar for every 1000 grams of material.

One way to diversify your portfolio is to invest in physical metals, like silver and gold bullion. If you choose to buy precious metals from Northwest Territorial Mint, here's some information you can use to get started.

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What Bullion Are They Selling?

Northwest Territorial Mint

The Northwest Territories' precious metal bullion products currently available are fully-encapsulated. You can choose copper, silver, or gold. The copper and silver options are 99% pure, while the gold bullion is 99.9% pure. The advantage to paying for these products is that you're guaranteed that 100% of your investment is composed of high-quality metals. It is excellent news for people who want to ensure they're getting their money's worth.

How Much Do They Cost?

The Northwest Territories offers a lot of different gold and silver bullion coins at various price points.
The 1-ounce coins have the following prices:

  • $45 for gold, 98% pure, $50 for gold, 99.9% pure
  • $25 for silver, 98%, $29 for silver, 99.9% pure

You may see some price tags with an additional half-dollar added to the cost. These values reflect sales tax, which must be considered when making a purchase.

These bullion coins only have nominal face values. Their metallic value is much greater than what's inscribed on the coins, so you'll get more money in your pocket if you sell them back once they've appreciated at price. The higher the precious metals price goes, the more money you might make when resale time comes around.

What Denominations Do They Come In?

Northwest Territorial Mint offers a lot of different options for purchasing precious metals. You can buy 1-ounce coins, 5-ounce coins, or 1-kilogram,32.15 ounces, bars. However, the most popular option for people who want to invest in precious metals is to buy 10-ounce silver bars or 20-ounce gold bars. These bars are likely the most expensive products you can purchase from Northwest Territories.

What’s the Difference Between These Bars?

Northwest Territorial Mint

Northwest Territories' silver and gold bullion products are all in physically small forms. You can look at each precious metal's product pages to see what 10-ounce or 20-ounce options are available.

The gold bars are the most valuable in this category. They're much more durable than the silver bars. You can keep them safely in a vault without worrying about scratches or other damage.

The extra money you pay for 20-ounce gold bullion coins translates into physical value, which can help you get more money when you're ready to sell them back.

What Kind of Packaging Do They Come In?

Northwest Territorial Mint's precious metal bar options come encased in plastic sleeves and protective plastic bags. You should be fine if you buy these products in stable condition, but you'll have to make sure to keep them in an airtight container after delivery. Packaging is probably one of the most frustrating things about investing in gold and silver. It isn't delightful when your bags get scratched or dented, so it's always a good idea to ensure they're kept safely wrapped up until needed.

How Long Will It Takes To Get My Items?

If you buy products from Northwest Territorial Mint via the Internet, you'll likely get your items within 2 or 3 days. It can be excellent for people who want their precious metals as soon as possible or those who don't like missing the action in a rising market. If you're buying from one of their retail stores, the purchase process is typically a little slower. You might have to wait two weeks to get your items if you order them in person.

Can I Unusually Pay for Them?

Yes, you can pay for your purchase in unusual ways. The Northwest Territorial Mint has a list of various payment methods available, including checks and money orders. The popular options are bank wire transfers, cashier's checks, personal checks, PayPal payments, and credit cards.

If you're buying precious metals to diversify your investment portfolio, it's a good idea to diversify your payment methods as much as possible. If you have a credit card, it's a good idea to pay for the items and get them shipped using a delivery service like Federal Express Corporation.

Is the Transaction Secure?

Northwest Territorial Mint

Northwest Territories is one of the most trustworthy bullion dealers in Canada. It is excellent news for people who want to handle their investment business carefully. When you buy something from Northwest Territories, you know that your information will be safe because this dealer is well-known and respected worldwide.

What Are the Risks of Buying Precious Metals?

Like any other investment, there are some downsides to investing in precious metals. The first is that it can be hard to invest in physical gold and silver if you don't have a lot of money to spend on them. Bullion products are usually more expensive than regular financial assets, so you'll need more capital if you want to get involved.

Other considerations include losing money in the stock market or with other investments. Investing in precious metals isn't very risky for most people, though.

If you're nervous about investing in a bullion dealer, it's a good idea to read reviews from third-party sources you trust or to see if there are any complaints against their business in your local area. It would help if you also considered doing your research and planning out how you want to carry out your investment before you open an account with anyone at all.

Is There a Minimum Purchase Amount?

There are no minimum quantities or fees for purchasing precious metals from Northwest Territories. The dealer takes the higher of the spot price or their current gold or silver price, so you don't technically have to buy a lot to get your precious metals.

Is There a Minimum Purchase Amount?

If you have different assets in your possession that you believe are valuable, it's a good idea to inquire about selling them with Northwest Territories. We recommend you call them first to find out anything you can about the process.

If you're ready to sell, send off your products via a method that works for both of you. They'll pay for the shipping costs, but keep a copy of your receipt just in case of an issue later.

You'll get paid within seven business days with Northwest Territorial Mint if you send them a check or money order. Since they're a large and famous dealer, they're likely to have the cash on hand in their vault or bank account.

Some Alternatives to Northwest Territorial Mint

If you do some research online, you'll see plenty of other dealers to choose from if you want to buy or sell gold and silver. It's essential to do some comparison shopping before settling on a company. We recommend you look at the dealers before making a purchase.

Pros & Cons of Northwest Territorial Mint


  • The seller is a trusted company with an excellent reputation.
  • The prices are fair and competitive.
  • The customer service is exceptional.


  • It takes at least two weeks to receive your precious metals, but you can always send them your assets via Federal Express Corporation if you need them faster, which can speed up the process.
  • There are no minimum purchases for purchasing precious metals from this dealer.
  • The downside of any precious metals investment is that you might lose money due to market fluctuations.


By signing up for Northwest Territorial Mint, you agree to be contacted by phone or email. Your contact information they use is never shared. You can always cancel your account with them if you prefer not to be contacted.

Contact them directly by phone or email if you have any questions about this company.

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