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Did you know that diversifying your portfolio by investing some of your money in gold, silver, and other precious metals can help prepare you for retirement? Do you want to make sure you aren't relying too heavily on the stock market and setting yourself up for disaster should the market crash? If so, you may be looking to invest in precious metals either as a personal investment or through setting up a Precious Metals IRA.

However, if you've done an internet search for a precious metals investment company, you know that there are so many different companies out there. Deciding which one to trust with your hard-earned money is no easy task.

We think Noble Gold is reputable precious metals investment company you should consider. To help you decide if they're right for you, we've put together a review of the company, the services the offer, the gold, silver, platinum, and palladium pieces available for investors, and other information that can help you decide if they're the right fit for you.

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Picking the right company to invest with is a huge financial decision. We understand this and we take pride in providing accurate and reliable information. We are always continuing to research and update our recommendations!

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Or you can get a free precious metals investment kit from our #1 recommended company right now!

Or you can get a free precious metals investment kit from our #1 recommended company right now!

Why Invest in Precious Metals?

Before we share more information about Noble Gold, let's look into why investing in precious metals can be a good financial move. If you aren't already convinced that you would like to invest in precious metals, either by setting up a Gold IRA or by purchasing coins and bars for a personal investment, hopefully reading through the next few paragraphs will give you all the answers you've been looking for as to why this is a good idea.

Noble Gold Review

First, holding all of your money in the stock market can be quite risky. While the stock market typically trends upwards, I'm sure we don't have to tell you that it can also be quite volatile and stock prices can suddenly drop. When you have all of your money invested in the stock market, you'll take a huge hit if the market crashes, which can affect your livelihood and the chances of being able to retire on time.

However, if you diversify your portfolio and invest some of your money outside of the stock market, you will be less impacted by a large market drop. Gold, silver, and other precious metals offer the perfect opportunity to do just that.

And, on top of that, precious metals are just a good investment overall. They have valuable for years and used as currency over the ages. The demands for them stays pretty constant, and since they are in limited supply, this helps to drive the value up.

Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are used in many industries across the globe. From jewelry making to recent technological advancements, the uses for them continue to expand. This should only help provide you with additional peace of mind that you are making a sound investment to protect your future.

Once you are ready to sell your precious metals for cash, either upon retirement or to cover another large expense, you will have no trouble doing so. Since they are so highly sought-after, precious metals are very easy to liquidate. Think about how drastically different this is than from some other investment opportunities you may be considering, such as real estate.

Why Invest with Noble Gold?

There are many different reasons Noble Gold is one of the best options when you're looking for a reputable and trust-worthy precious metals investment company. Unlike so many fly-by-night companies that have hardly any experience, Noble Gold has been in the industry for over 20 years. Their team consists of precious metals investors who have also worked in the industry for decades, so they'll be able to offer you clear advice and give helpful answers for any questions you may have.

Noble Gold Review

The company was started to help empower individuals with the knowledge they need to make the right decisions for their personal financial situation and needs. They are a member of the Royal Canadian Mint, TrustLink, and the Business Consumer Alliance. Through their decades in the industry, Noble Gold has earned rave reviews from happy clients who are satisfied with the service and attention they received.

You can feel confident that you're buying your precious metals for the best price through Noble Gold. They have connections with numerous suppliers of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium that allow them to offer reasonable and competitive prices.

One of the biggest complaints some individuals have about other precious metals investment companies is how pushy the sales people can be. Noble Gold prioritizes helping their clients make the best investment decisions to match their needs and goals and doesn't believe in using pushy sales tactics.

Opening a Precious Metals IRA

If you want to open a new Precious Metals IRA or rollover an existing retirement account into an IRA, Noble Gold is definitely a top contender for your business. Whereas so many companies only offer gold and silver coins and bars, Noble Gold also offers platinum and palladium coins and bars for individuals to add to their IRA.

Noble Gold Review

Opening a Precious Metals IRA, also referred to as a Gold IRA or Silver IRA, with Noble Gold allows you to diversify your portfolio. You'll also be able to enjoy the many benefits of investing in precious metals, such as their stable high demand and steady growth in value.

To set up a new Precious Metals IRA, you can start by filling out the IRA set up form located on the website. This is just a brief form that includes a little bit about you and the account you'd like to open. Don't worry if you're unsure about what to write in any of the fields as a member of the Noble Gold team will be contacting you shortly after you complete the form.

The team member will work with you to set up the transfer of fund from your bank account. Or, if you're rolling over an existing IRA account, they'll work with the custodian of your account on your behalf.

After the transfer process is complete and the funds for your account have made it to Noble Gold, it will be time to select the precious metals you wish to add to your account. As we shared above, you can add gold, silver, platinum, or palladium coins to your new Precious Metals IRA. If you have questions about which coins or bars to add, you can ask your precious metals advisor through Noble Gold.

After the precious metals are added to the account, Noble Gold handles shipping them to the IRS-approved depository for you. You can view your investment portfolio and account balance whenever you'd like online. Noble Gold's team will also be available to answer questions for your once your account it set up.

After you are old enough to retire, you can start taking disbursements. You'll have the option to have the physical coins or bars sent to you, or you can request that Noble Gold liquidate some, or all, of your holdings and send the cash to you.

Precious Metals for IRAs

Noble Gold offers a nice selection of IRS-approved coins and bars. While many precious metals investment companies only offer gold and silver pieces, Noble Gold also provides their clients with the option to add platinum and palladium to their investment portfolio.

The coins listed below all meet the IRS regulations for purity levels. These regulations state that gold coins and bars must be 99.5% pure, silver coins and bars must be 99.9% pure, and platinum and palladium coins and bars must be 99.95% pure.

Noble Gold Review


  • American Gold Eagle Coins
  • American Gold Eagle Proof Coins
  • Four-Piece Set Proof Gold American Eagle Coins
  • Australian Gold Kangaroo Coins
  • Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins
  • Pamp Suisse 100 Gram Gold Bar
  • Pamp Suisse Lady Fortuna Gold Bars
  • Perth Mint 1-Ounce Gold Bar
  • Johnson Matthey 1-Kilogram Gold Bar
Noble Gold Review


  • 5-Ounce America the Beautiful Silver Coins
  • 1-Ounce American Silver Eagle Coins
  • 1-Ounce Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin
  • 1-Ounce Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin
  • 1-Kilograam Australian Silver Coin
  • 1-Ounce Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin
  • 1-Ounce Highland Mint Silver Round
  • 5-Ounce Highland Mint Silver Bar
Noble Gold Review


  • American Platinum Eagle Coins
  • 1-Ounce Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf Coin
  • Baird & Co 1- and 10-Ounce Platinum Bars
Noble Gold Review


  • 1-Ounce Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf Coin
  • 1-Ounce Credit Suisse Palladium Bar

Investing in Rare Coins

Many Noble Gold clients also like that they are able to take advantage of other investment opportunities through Noble Gold. In addition to the IRS-approved coins and bars listed above, Noble Gold also offer different rare coins that individuals can purchase for a personal investment.

Noble Gold Review

With the rare status of these coins, you're able to own a piece of history, while also owning something that is likely to grow in value since there aren't many more still around.

The different rare coins available to purchase through Noble Gold include Morgan Silver Dollars, the 1854 Kellogg $20 coin, and the Four-Piece Indian Saint Gauden Set.

Each of these coins and sets have been independently certified and graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC). The coins are also securely packaged in a sealed case to retain the value and condition.

Precious Metals Storage

Due to regulations put in place by the IRS, precious metals for IRAs must be stored in an IRS-approved facility. Noble Gold will work with you to have your precious metals shipped securely with insurance to one of these approved facilities. Fortunately, all of the IRS-approved facilities offer a wide array of security features to ensure your precious metals are protected and secure.

Noble Gold Review

If you are purchasing precious metals for a personal investment, however, you will have the freedom to choose how you want to store your metals. There are no IRS regulations to worry about, so you may choose to have your metals shipped to you for home storage or to be stored at your bank in a safe deposit bank.

However, you may also want to consider using Noble Gold's Dallas, Texas storage facility. This facility offers segregated storage, so your precious metals are kept separate from other individuals to prevent any mixing or confusion.

If you store your precious metals in the facility, they will be stored under your name, not simply under Noble Gold's name. This means it will always be completely clear and evident that each piece in your portfolio belongs to you.

As an owner, you will have the right to visit your precious metals and check on them in person. You will also have access to an online account where you can check the status of your investment and its current value.

Since the storage facility in Texas, it should also give you some added peace of mind. We all know that Texas is known for its support of state's right, so there should be much less concern about the government seizing any of your assets.

Purchasing a Royal Survival Pack

Nobel Gold develop eight different packs to help their investors. These packs are called Royal Survival Packs and are designed to help individuals purchase the right amount of precious metals to prepare for emergencies or other large life events.

The packs include different precious metals valued between $5,000 and $500,000. The range of values allows individuals with different income levels and savings needs to choose the Royal Survival Pack that offers the right mix and value for them.

If you are interested in purchasing a Royal Survival Pack from Noble Gold, you can choose from the the Noble Knight, the Noble Baron, the Noble Viscount, the Noble Marquess, the Noble Duke, and the Noble Ambassador.

  • Noble Knight: The Noble Night Survival Pack requires an investment of $10,000. The pack includes various coins and bars to offer greater coverage for a family's unforeseen expenses.
  • Noble Baron: This pack requires a $25,000 investment. It is designed to allow individuals to have the funds ready for cover a larger financial need or a more serious emergency. This is the pack that is recommended for families of four who want to have up to two months of coverage.
  • Noble Viscount: The Noble Viscount is a top choice for individuals or families who wish to be prepared for multiple months of financial coverage. It requires a $50,000 investment to cover a very large expense, expensive medical bills, or other needs.
  • Noble Marquess: If you foresee needing a large sum of money, the Noble Marquess with a $250,000 investment may be the right choice for you. As with the Noble Earl pack, you can hold some of the coins in bars in your home for quicker access to cash, and store some in Noble Gold's storage facility.
  • Noble Duke: The $500,000 investment for the Noble Duke Package can help individuals ensure they are prepared for just about anything that comes up. Again, with this package, some of the coins and bars can be stored in your home, and the rest can remain in Noble Gold's secure storage facility.
  • Noble Ambassador: Individuals living outside of the United States can consider the Noble Ambassador plan that offers precious metals storage in North America. This plan can be customized to meet the needs of each investor.
Noble Gold Review

Free Gold IRA Guide

Still feel like you'd want to learn more about Noble Gold and whether setting up a Precious Metals IRA is right for you? Visit their website and enter your information to receive a free Gold IRA guide.


  • Noble Gold doesn't believe in using pushy sales tactics.
  • They offer competitive pricing.
  • You'll find that the team of precious metals experts is knowledgeable and helpful.
  • The buyback program offers you protection if your situation changes and you need access to cash for the precious metals you purchased.
  • You can invest in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
  • Noble Gold offers independently graded and certified rare coins.
  • If you're looking to prepare for an emergency or invest in a mix of precious metals, purchasing a Royal Survival Pack offers an easy and effective solution.
  • Precious metals storage is available in a safe and secure location in Dallas, Texas.


  • Platinum and palladium coins and bars are available in addition to gold and silver.
  • The Royal Survival Packs offer a nice solution for individuals looking to save for an emergency or a large expense.
  • They offer a buy back program to help you if your personal situation changes after purchasing precious metals.


  • Some other companies may offer a larger selection of gold and silver coins.

Final Verdict

We have found that there is a lot to like about Noble Gold. From their large selection of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars to the helpful team members to the Royal Survival Packs, this is definitely a company you should take a look at if you're interested in investing in precious metals.