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Moonlight Mint is a private minting facility that produces high-quality precious metal products for investors and collectors around the world. Founded in 2008, Moonlight Mint is one of the most respected names in the industry. The corporation is headquartered in the United States, but they have a global reach with distribution partners in Europe, Asia, and South America.

The company’s mission is to produce the highest quality precious metal products at competitive prices. The investors and collectors who purchase their products range from first-time buyers to experienced numismatists. As a result, the company offers a broad range of items to meet the needs of its diverse client base.

Besides the company’s core business of producing private minted bullion coins and bars, they have also expanded into the production of collectible novelty items. These customizable products are among some of the most unique and sought-after in the industry. They attract investors and collectors of all experience levels and make Moonlight Mint one of the fastest-growing mints in the world.

They have established the Moonlight Mint Gold Lab to help ensure customer satisfaction with product quality. It is one of the most advanced and thorough in the industry, assuring that every product meets the company’s rigid quality control standards.

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Products or Services

Moonlight Mint

The company offers an extensive range of bullion goods, including silver and gold coins, bars, rounds, and collectibles. Some of the core products include:

1. Fantasy-Date Over-Strikes

The Fantasy-Date Over-Strikes have been one of the most popular bullion products Moonlight Mint has produced. These coins and bars feature the date of a famous coin but are struck with a new reverse design of their choosing. You can get a choice of silver and gold versions.

2. Large Bronze Castings

Large bronze castings are a series of silver and gold bullion products exclusively available from Moonlight Mint. Each design is made with a fully-authentic bronze alloy that has been used since antiquity. They have a purity of .999 fine and an actual weight one-tenth higher than their standard bullion counterparts.

3. Wearable Medals

Wearable Medals are a series of three-inch bronze medals available in silver, gold, and proof finishes. These products feature unique obverse designs that can be customized with your text or image. You can receive your product in a gift box, making it a stylish and distinctive accessory.

4. Vintage Die Strikes

Vintage Die strikes are a series of bullion products that feature designs from some of the most famous and sought-after coins of all time. These coins, bars, and rounds have been struck using original dies created during their initial worldwide release. You can expect to find them in silver, gold, and proof finishes.

5. Prototype Alternate Currency Coins

Prototype Alternate Currency Coins are a series of products that can be customized for any country or region. With these coins, you can create your unique national coin whose details are based on a national currency. You choose the size and weight, as well as the metal content.

6. Spice Islands Shipwreck Cobs

Spice Islands Shipwreck Cobs are a series of bullion products based on ancient shipwrecks. These ancient coins were made of a precious metal alloy and had a weight one-tenth less than their original value. If you like to collect old coins, these are a unique way to add a value-added, antique look to your collection.

7. Special Event Tokens

Unique Event Tokens are based on historical or modern events that serve as a memorial or remembrance. The designers and engravers bring their unique artistic styles to create unique tokens that honor the event but can also be enjoyed by yourself and others as a collectible. You can get them in silver and gold.

8. Miscellaneous off-metal Ingots

Off-metal ingots are a series of products with a non-silver or non-gold surface. This can be done in aluminum, brass, copper, steel, or titanium. These products can be used as decorative items or crafts.

9. Commemorative Medals

Commemorative Medals are a series of four-inch bronze medals that feature memorial designs. These commemorative coins can be designed as a single coin to recognize important people and events or as a set of four for the four major US coinages.

10. World Trade Coins

World Trade Coins are Stonehenge -sized coins that are struck with an antique finish. They include designs from the world’s most important central banks, and they can be used to represent different countries or regions. They can be customized with your text or images.

Overall Experience

Moonlight Mint

Moonlight Mint has been one of the fastest-growing mints in the world since its inception in 2008. The company prides itself on exceptional customer service and high-quality products. They are the only mint that uses its proprietary manufacturing process, allowing them to produce the highest quality products at competitive prices.

The customers who have purchased products from Moonlight Mint are some of the most loyal in the industry. Many have stated that they will be making future purchases from them again, along with recommending them to friends or family who are collectors. If you are a numismatist, investor, or collector, Moonlight Mint has something for you, whether you are just beginning your collection or have been doing it for years.

The company has also done an excellent job of spreading the word about its products and services to the public. They have been featured in trade publications like Coin World, Numismatic News, and others. This brings in more buyers who are more familiar with the company and ensures that there is a large market for the coins that Moonlight Mint produces.

Moonlight Mint has a 48 out of 5-star rating on the independent customer review site Trust Pilot. This indicates that most purchasers found them to be completely trustworthy, and they are very pleased with the services they have received. You will find their customer support to be excellent, and the products they produce have high-quality finishes that are guaranteed to make them stand out.

They have also earned a 3.9-star rating on the independent website, Sitejabber. This means customers are relatively happy with the service they received and are extremely pleased with all of the products that Moonlight Mint produces. You will find that the products are of high quality and look exactly as described on the website.

Some critics have said that there is too much advertising on their website, along with being affiliated with some excessive web affiliate programs. Some also say that they have been contacted by customer service representatives who were too pushy. However, no buyers have said that they have been approached in an aggressive way.

Pros & Cons of Moonlight Mint


  • Their product line has a wide variety of options: The website has many product categories, including coin sets and commemorative medals. This means you can find different products that suit your tastes, whether you are a collector, investor, or numismatist.
  • The company has an excellent customer experience: Their website is easy to navigate, and you will find that the information provided there is detailed and accurate. Their customer service representatives are knowledgeable and friendly, making the purchasing process smooth and straightforward. They have also been responsive to all kinds of questions and requests their customers have made.
  • They accept several payment options: Moonlight Mint agrees with all major credit cards, along with some less common payment types. You can use your Visa or MasterCard to make payments, and you can also pay with American Express and Discover.
  • Their products have consistent quality ratings: Most of the company’s products are highly rated on various review sites. The quality of their silver and gold products is guaranteed. This ensures that you will end up with a satisfaction guarantee and enjoy the best possible product.


  • The website does not have a way to compare prices: There is no way to compare prices across different product categories on the Moonlight Mint website. In order to do this, you will have to visit each individual product page and look at the price there.
  • The company has high prices on some items: The company has some items that are priced relatively high, such as their commemorative medals. These are larger and may not be ideal for everyone looking to collect coins.
  • Commemorative medals may require unique coin holders: Some commemorative coins are large enough to require special coin holders to store them safely. These are not included in the list of products you can buy at Moonlight Mint, so it is essential to make sure that you have these holders before making a purchase.
  • The company has several web affiliate programs: There are some affiliate programs listed on the Moonlight Mint website which are affiliated with different parts of their site. There is no way to find out what products or services these affiliates represent until you click on them and move to a separate web page.

Final Verdict

To sum it up, whether you are just beginning your young collection or have been gathering coins for some time, Moonlight Mint has products and services that are perfect for you. Their customer service is outstanding, and their products have guaranteed quality. Their prices are fair, and their customer service representatives are friendly and helpful.

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