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Modesto Coins and Bullion was founded in 1992. They opened under the name Old Mint Coin & Bullion in Carson City, Nevada. They relocated to Modesto, California several years later.

Modesto Coins and Bullion Overview

Modesto Coin and Bullion

What They Do

Modesto Coins and Bullion specializes in coin collections, jewelry and precious metals, and platinum bullion coins. All coins and metals can be bought or sold from their Modesto location. They have a vast collection of rare and historic coins as well as precious metals.

Customer Service

Staff are known to be friendly and knowledgeable. They can help you with your questions and are known for quoting a fair price. You can enjoy browsing through a vast collection of historic and international coins as well as your choice of precious metals.

Rare and Historic Coins

Modesto Coins and Bullion can buy, sell or trade rare and historic coins. You'll see different types of U.S. Coins that date back to the Colonial era and all the way to the present. Every money unit is fully recognized, from the penny to the whole dollar.

Are Staff Friendly?

There are mixed reviews regarding staff friendliness and customer service. Some online reviews speak highly of helpful associates who can help with sales of coins, jewelry and precious metals. Others speak of not getting enough money for the estimated value of their items.

Precious Metals

Modesto Coin and Bullion

Modesto Coins and Bullion are known for having a wide collection of precious metals. One customer review spoke of seeing several bars of other precious metals while looking to purchase silver. Staff appeared to be professional and friendly during the transaction.

Modesto Coins and Bullion can buy, sell and trade jewelry as well. The minimum standard for diamonds may be different that with other stores. One reviewer posted that the vendor seemed to require that anything diamond must have a minimum of 4 carats or greater.

Inspecting Each Piece

Most shops that specialize in coins, jewelry and precious metals have an inspection process that's thorough and fair. An associate typically examines the piece using a magnifying glass to check for authenticity. This helps in determining real market value when a customer sells or exchanges something.

Does Modesto Coins and Bullion Work With Bullion Coins?

Bullion coins are fairly new, but have been out on the market for sometime. Novice coin collectors may not know as much about bullion coins. A brief description is given below.

Bullion coins are special types of currency that are used for investment purposes. They are made of any of the precious metals and their value is measured by their weight. So if you're looking to invest in precious metals but can't find them in bars, bullion coins are the way to go.

Modesto Coins and Bullion are known for letting you buy and trade bullion coins. The only type that they sell in would be the platinum bullion coins. So if you're looking for ones that are, say, in silver, gold or any other precious metal, it might be in your best interest to shop elsewhere.

Modesto's Vast Bullion Collection

Modesto Coin and Bullion

If you're looking for bullion coins from both the U.S. and overseas, then Modesto Coins and Bullion is a good place to get them. In spite of having only having platinum bullion coins, they have a vast international collection. Their coins come from a variety of countries:

  • China
  • Great Britain
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Canada
  • Gibraltar
  • Rwanda

Each comes with their own national iconography that represents their home country.

Bullion Price Range

Modesto Coins offers a good price range for their platinum bullion coin collection. Average prices start at around $124 and go up to $2,733. The coins are an excellent addition to your coin collection.

Does Modesto Offer Online Services?

Modesto Coins and Bullion does have two ways you can shop online. You can shop on their site or use Ebay. You can have 24 hour access to their vast coins and collection of precious metals and have them delivered to your home.

Pros and Cons of Modesto Coin and Bullion

The staff at Modesto Coins and Bullion are known for their sense of professionalism, knowledge and expertise. There are other pros, such as:

  • Fair sale prices.
  • Vast and varied collection of coins and precious metals.
  • Private parking available.

However, some concerns were raised about the size of the shop, which some customers believed was too small. Other complaints centered around trading and resale values of coins and precious metals, which most said were too low. Some customers stated that value was misjudged and that they didn't get enough money when trying to sell coins or precious metals.

Hours of Operation

Modesto Coins and Bullion are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:30am-5pm. They are closed Sunday and Monday. Walk-ins are welcome during hours of operation. They only accept cash.

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