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Are you looking to purchase precious metals from a retailer or an online store? If you answered 'yes' to both questions, then MintBuilder is the right place for you! They have a vast product catalogue with over 300+ sellers, so it's no secret that there is always a surplus of precious metals in the world.

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Who Are They?

MintBuilder Review

MintBuilder is a full-service gem and metal marketplace. They are in the U.S., but their sales force is worldwide. They have been in business for almost a decade and have helped over 3 million people purchase precious metals and other financial products. They were also finalists for the inaugural Maxim's Choice Choice Fundraiser.

They sell various items, including electrum mining equipment, jewellery, watches, etc. They have over 25,000 items on their site with over 100,000 hits a month, making us one of the most popular online retailers for vintage and antique watches.

They have a fantastic store with a massive variety of beautiful handmade items and some tremendous second-hand items. They're the place to go if you're in the mood for a few things in a specific price range or want something to last.

How Does Mintbuilder Work?

The buying process of MintBuilder is quite similar to that of an online lender. You pay for the amount of the item you want to purchase with your fiat currency. In this case, they have your order in their system, where they will charge your preferred payment method. You can pay with any major credit and debit card, cash, or bank account.

Once your order is complete, they will store the payment in one of three places. First, they keep your payment in their cash register.

Next, they will distribute the payment among their payment providers like Stripe and Google Checkout. Finally, they will retain the balance of your purchase order as their "debt" until they pay you.

What Makes Us the Best Place to Buy Precious Metals From?

MintBuilder Review

Most online stores offer a wide range of precious metals, but they have helped many people find the right deal. Here are a few reasons they are the best place to buy precious metals:

  • Offer competitive pricing. They have many different discounts and free shipping Programs like escrow. They make it easy for sellers to put their orders in escrow and track their progress. This helps ensure that the buyer gets the highest possible price for their purchase.
  • Offer competitive shipping and delivery. They have competitive shipping and delivery rates compared to their competitors. This helps make purchasing from us simpler and faster.
  • Offer free returns and exchanges. Most retailers allow you to exchange items you have purchased for other items if there is a problem with the first purchase. But they don't. They don't even issue returns. Why? They're proud of that. They have made returning a service available to their customers.

How To Buy Precious Metals From MintBuilder?

You can buy precious metals from us at their theybsite, where you can view the current inventory and order directly from their site. They have various buying options if you're looking for a specific metal. You can shop through the product catalog or shop online. When you shop online, you can view the available options and make a cash-out purchase if you are so inclined.

How Much Can You Get for Precious Metals From MintBuilder?

MintBuilder Review

At first glance, you might wonder how you can buy precious metals from MintBuilder. You can purchase as much as you want for as little as possible. That's the beauty of the buy one, give one program.

They have a vast inventory of both new and used coins. They have lots of ways to buy coins. You can purchase them on their site, from stores like Amazon and Best Buy, and you can also buy them from third-party retailers like Walmart and Target.

What is the Buy One, Give One Program?

The Buy One, Give One Program is a great way to get your order in escrow. When you place an order, they will hold everything up to seven days to decide if it is a good enough deal for you.

The lessor (i.e., buyer) will pay us back in full for everything (including the shipping and handling) at the end of the seven days. Then they will send you an email with a tracking code and the seller's address. You can track your merchandise order through their website, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime. This is how their program works:

The first time you buy precious metals from us, they will peg your order at a $0 cost per piece and give you 1% back on future purchases.

The second time, they will peg your order at a $0 cost per piece and give you 15% back on future purchases. 

The third time, they will peg your order at a $0 charge per piece and give you 25% back on future purchases. So even if you never get past the second stage, this program will still benefit those who qualify!

Why You Should Trust Us With Your Precious Metal Order?

MintBuilder Review

They also work with major credit and debit card companies and have access to many of the same personal information that you have. They can verify your order and make sure it is legitimate. Also, they will make every attempt to contact you once they receive your order so you can inspect the item and ensure it is what you ordered.

Finally, they have a ton of inventory on their site so that you can check out just about anything. If you're unsure what to get or spend, they have a team of helpful advisors who will help you choose the right thing.

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