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Mike's Coin Chest is a company that sells a variety of coins, not just the typical Buffett coin type. These coins are made from metals and materials like Titanium, Zinc, Sterling Silver, and Copper. Mike's Coin Chest has been around since 2009.

They have had one goal since its inception: To be the most trusted website for affordable coins in the world. Their quality assurance is second to none, with each order being shipped out with a money-back guarantee if there is an issue with it.

Mikes Coin Chest has thickened its social media presence by using Instagram, which they also use to take orders, and Twitter to promote themselves effectively and increase customer satisfaction by answering questions within hours of being asked.

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Mikes Coin Chest Review

Mike’s Coin Chest

Mike's Coin Chest has had an A+ BBB rating since 2012. Their customer reviews are also excellent, with many customers saying that their experience with Mike's coin chest was excellent and satisfying. Because of its high-quality reputation, Mike's Coin Chest has been featured on various outlets like Fox Business News. They have been written about in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Yahoo Finance, and more.

Important Statistics

Mike’s Coin Chest

There are many types of coins that Mike's Coin Chest provides. It sells Zinc, Titanium, Bronze, Copper, and Sterling Silver coins. The prices depend on the material used to create the coin and the quantity sold. Within the coins made from base metals, like copper, there are some with different colors.

The colors include Red, Royal Blue, Gold, and Pink, to name a few. All metals have their color depending on if they are copper-based or not. Color in regards to what it is valued at is based on rarity and demand. They also sell commemorative coins, like the 2010 Winter Olympics and the 2012 Olympic games.

Other products they sell include drawstring money bags to store coins in and collectors' albums to store those loose coins. They also have a complete inventory of coin preservation supplies for your coin collection and gold investment needs.

Pros & Cons of Mikes Coin


  • Mikes Coin Chest provides a considerable variety of coin products, including coins made from various materials and metals. It gives them an advantage over other companies because they can provide something for anyone with any taste in coin collecting.
  • Mikes Coin Chest provides excellent customer service and handles any problems with its products quickly and efficiently to ensure its customers are satisfied with the outcome.
  • Mikes Coin Chest has a high-quality image regarding the coins they sell because they ensure that each order is shipped out quickly and adequately, in most cases, within three business days.
  • Mike's Coin Chest has many different coin products that go beyond the ordinary plain silver coins because they provide ones made from Titanium, Zinc, Copper, and other metals.
  • Mike's Coin Chest has many different coins available on its website at any time, so its inventory is constantly changing. It gives customers more options if they order later instead of right away.
  • Mike's Coin Chest has a money-back guarantee policy that protects customers from having to pay for something they do not like or have issues with.
  • Mike's Coin Chest provides many different pictures of the coins, so customers know what they are getting from them before purchasing.


  • The company has no way to accept payments except through PayPal, which could limit some customers who do not have an account with that service and would need to pay through another method.
  • There have been complaints about the shipping of their products as well.
  • There have been complaints about their customer service, mainly due to them taking a long time to deal with the issues.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Mike's Coin Chest is one of the best websites to purchase coins from. They provide various products, customer service is outstanding, and their products are of high quality. The only complaint customers have against them is the shipping process, but it is not intolerable and can be resolved immediately if there are any issues with it. Mike's Coin Chest deserves a top spot on this list.

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