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History of Numismatics

Meridian Coin

Coins have been a fascination since 600 BC when a Greek kingdom of Lydians located in Turkey first minted coins. These coins featured a lion's head and were made of an alloy they called an "electrum" of 20% gold and silver. Electrums can also be composed of iron, bismuth, copper and palladium as well as other types of metals.

Coins in ancient times were a means of organizing how civilized societies paid for their purchases. Coins became so valued that trade between Greeks and Persians fairly exploded.

Coins early on were minted using hand made dies to create coin designs. Most handmade dies wore out quickly and had to be destroyed after about a year.

This explains why coins were not always exactly the same designs from year to year. It also explains how dates on coins increased their value as some were distinguished in value by date.

Another factor affecting coin value is the metal composition. When certain metals like gold, silver and copper increase in value, these coins made of these higher valued metals are often melted down.

Ironically, the diversity of coins became an indication of each coin's value. Thus, it was left to numismatists to define coin value as Meridian Coin Services still does today.

Coin Collecting and Buying and Selling Coins

Meridian Coin

It takes great skill for coin experts to determine true coin value. There are several ways the value of coins are determined. These include:

  • Mint number
  • Preservation, state and condition
  • Grade of the coin
  • Cyclical value
  • Demand by coin collectors

In numismatics, it's necessary to know the difference between coin pricing and actual coin value. The difference lies in what the coin collector paid for the coin and what the coin dealer will pay for the coin.

Clients of Meridian Coin rely on price based on coin value to exact a fair retail value.

Meridian Coin Services

Meridian Coin

To be an industry leader like Meridian, it takes attention to detail and ensuring client satisfaction. Meridian Coins Services include:

  • Buying a broad range of coins.
  • Providing up-to-date information on the latest in coin values.
  • Identifying potential national and international coin markets for optimal coin value.
  • Providing educational information to customers.

One reason Meridian Coin has maintained leadership status in the world of numismatics is the ability to discern the ebb and flow of metals values that affect coin value.

When a coin collection is turned in to Meridian Coin Services by a client, the coins are carefully inspected according to mint number, cyclical value and preservation and condition of each coin in a collection.

Coin Collecting is Educational and Fun

Meridian Coin

As David Cloyed, CEO of Meridian Coin Services states, "One of the things we also spend a lot of time doing, locally, is educating people on a whole host of subjects as it relates to coin pricing and making the correct decisions when buying and selling. Another passion of ours is finding areas in the coin market that are inaccurately priced and offer true potential returns for clients."

Pride in Professionalism

Meridian Coin

Professionality is an important feature clients of Meridian Coin Services have come to expect. The highest level of professionality at Meridian Coin Services is founded upon the belief offering medium to long term returns for astute investors and collectors is the best way to project professionality.

The truest measure of highest quality of service by Meridian Coin experts comes from a broad range of client recommendations.

For example as JD R of CA stated in his review, "They have more than just coins. They have firearms, paper notes, jewelry and other very cool historic items. The employees are very knowledgeable on all of these types of items.

I have been to many shops all over Los Angeles and Meridian is the best. I will continue to give Meridian my business."

That is just one of many satisfied clients of Meridian Coin Services who give the company a five star rating.

Knowledgeable Employees at Meridian Coin Services

The hallmark of any successful business is how knowledgeable employees are about all of the products and services offered. Since Meridian Coin Services is about more coins, the staff is also proficient in historic items like jewelry, firearms and paper notes.

For more details on trading and other services, visit: https://meridiancoin.com/ or call (310) 375-4000. Meridian Coin Services is located at 22330 Hawthorne Blvd Ste C Torrance, CA.

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