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Lone Star Coins is an online store selling silver and gold round coins. The company has been in the business for about ten years and has never failed to deliver quality products for its customers.

The company produces various items, including commemorative coins sold during events like Presidential Inauguration Day and Independence Day in the USA. It also offers educational material/books on precious metals and unique gifts like oil paintings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

Lone Star Coins is known for its high-quality products. Their gold and silver coins are considered to be used as suitable investments, which you can trade with at the commodity exchange. The company has been in the business for a long time and is one of the reputable businesses in this field.

  • Product: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Fernando M. Fernando
  • Overall Rating: 2.5/5

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Lone Star Coins Review

Lone Star Coins offer a variety of gold bullion coins, including American Buffalo, Maple Leaf, Kookaburra, and more. The American Buffalo coin is generally considered to be an excellent product for investment purposes.

They can use it for short-term or long-term investment plans with a guaranteed return on your investment. The coins are made with 99.99% pure gold and have an approximate purity of 22 karats. The weight of each coin is 1 gram.

As far as silver bullion coins are concerned, you can purchase them in the form of Royal Canadian Mint 1 oz Silver rounds. These silver coins are popular with investors because they are considered one of the best short-term or long-term investment options. They are manufactured with 99.99% pure silver in 1 oz rounds. This item is also precious for coin collectors.

Apart from the products mentioned above, the company also has oil paintings, bracelets, and necklaces for sale, which can be used as fashion accessories or investments. The price of each item depends on its type, weight, and the material used to make it.

Features of Lone Star Coins Company

Lone Star Coins Review

Customer Service

Lone Star Coins is known for its high level of customer service. Their representatives are always available to address any concerns and questions of customers. You can contact them via the email address or by phone.

24/7 Availability

Customers can buy coins from Lone Star Coins any time they want to. The company has made sure that they operate 24/7, which is reflected in its availability to customers.

Excellent Quality

Lone Star Coins provides excellent quality service. Its products are designed for both investment and use. It ensures that customers receive the value of their money. The company's products are usually a good choice for short-term or long-term investment plans because you can trade them on a commodity Exchange. They provide product reviews to help customers choose the best coins from the company's product line to suit each individual's needs and budget.

Easy Payment

Customers can pay for the items they want to purchase from Lone Star Coins in several ways, including with credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.

Any Questions Answered

Lone Star Coins' representatives are always available to answer any questions or concerns their customers may have. It ensures that customers have access to prompt customer service 24 hours daily.

Safe and Secure

Lone Star Coins provide a safe and secure environment where customers can buy their products. They are certified by JewelSafe, one of the few companies that offer such certification. It ensures that very few coins or product designs are counterfeited before reaching the company's customers.

Pros & Cons of Lone Star Coins


Various Payment Options

Lone Star Coins offers various payment options to their customers, and this allows them to buy coins from the company in a convenient way. These methods include credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and wire transfers.

Excellent Customer Service

Lone Star Coins employees are highly attentive and provide excellent customer service to their customers. It ensures they are always available to answer any questions or concerns customers may have regarding the products in their store.

Secure Environment

The company ensures that the entire buying process is done in a secure environment that allows customers to trust them and their products without hesitation. Their website is certified by Jewel Safe, one of the most trusted and respected companies in reviewing companies selling precious metals.

Money Back Guarantee

The company also provides a money-back guarantee to its customers. It makes them more reliable and trustworthy in the eyes of customers who initially may have been skeptical about buying products online.

Wide Range of Products

Lone Star Coins offers a wide range of coins and different types of silver, such as silver bars and rounds, gold coins, proof, collectible coins, commemorative coin sets, and much more.

Can be Traded on Commodity Exchange

For various reasons, Lone Star Coins' gold and silver coins are considered the best products for short-term or long-term investment plans, one of which is that they are tradeable on the commodity exchange. It makes their products a good choice for individuals who wish to hold their investment over a more extended period.

Excellent Quality

The products provided by Lone Star Coins are manufactured and designed excellently and provide value for money. The company is known for manufacturing products that can be used as fashion accessories and good investment products.


Not a Reputable Company

Some customers have claimed that the company is not a reputable one, and this is because it sells fake coins at higher prices than those offered by other companies.

Reliability of Lone Star Coins

The company has also been accused of not delivering the products purchased from them promptly, which resulted in customers having to deal with additional charges when they needed to track down the packages that were supposed to contain their coins.

False Advertising

Some customers have claimed that Lone Star Coins' products are false advertising because they do not contain silver as advertised. Instead, they only contain a combination of different metals, including copper, gold, and silver, at varying levels.

Slow Shipping

Customers have also complained that their products are delivered at a languid pace. The company's products are usually sent via the United States Postal Service, and shipping can take up to two weeks.

Customers have complained that the company does not provide tracking numbers for these shipments, and some have reported that the company does not update customers about their shipment until it arrives at its final destination.

Final Verdict

Lone Star Coins is a company that has proven to be very reliable and trustworthy, even though it has been accused of delivering false advertising products. The company is known for manufacturing products that can be used as fashion accessories and good investment products. Lone Star Coins' products are available to customers at different prices depending on the type of product they want to purchase.

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