Kirk Elliot PhD is an economist and financial advisor with years of education. He has spent decades working with clients to help them manage and grow their wealth. Though he is not a traditional precious metals dealer, his wealth management services may appeal to certain people seeking a gold IRA.

  • Product: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Kirk Elliot
  • Overall Rating: 3.0/5

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About Kirk Elliot PhD

Kirk Elliot PHD Review

Kirk Elliot PhD runs a consulting company staffed by tons of financial advisors. The consultants create long-term strategies for your wealth by diversifying your portfolio into precious metals.

We can take a look at the man himself, and then at what the company has to offer.

Dr. Elliot has been part of the finance industry for decades. He has a PhD in Public Policy and Administration, a BS in Business Administration, and an MA in International Studies. He has spent a significant amount of his life in academia, and then he's spent his career analyzing the economy and planning for the future.

In addition to the PhD, Dr. Elliot has been published in multiple journals and articles. He offers his economic expertise regarding different global disasters.

Most of Dr. Elliot's clients are people he knows or people who are referred to him. It's common for people to stay close to home when looking for financial advisors. Dr. Elliot is highly respected among his colleagues and friends, with many of his peers stating that his grasp of the economy is unparalleled.

Dr. Elliot lives in Denver with his family, which is made up of his wife, teen son, and puppy. He is passionate about restoring Denver and taking care of the city's homeless. He spends most of his free time mentoring former gang members and inmates. Otherwise, he likes playing electric guitar.

About the Team

Kirk Elliot PHD Review

The team can provide wealth advisory services to people in the Denver area, as well as in a handful of Deep South states. Most states in the US are not eligible for the services, unfortunately. Wealth advisors must be licensed to practice in a state, so the range of this company's reach is somewhat restricted.

The team includes multiple members who have been entrepreneurs. They have created startup companies in finance, logging, skin care, and eCommerce. Some have even created startup nonprofit foundations.

The team is also built from economists. Team members have been instrumental in helping Dr. Elliot write articles, projects, books, and even college curriculums. These cover everything from politics to culture to economics to personal finance.

The team is specially set up to help nonprofits in particular. During times of economic instability, people are less likely to give to charity. This makes it difficult for nonprofits to make ends meet. But people still spend the same amount of money on generic pleasures. So the team works with nonprofits to create corporate partnerships that can pick up the slack of weak cash flow.

Team members also function as strategists. They coach business owners of small businesses and CEOs of major companies alike. Part of their planning includes branding, messaging, company culture, and software implementation. On top of that, the team has written and produced a variety of media projects like documentaries, commercials, and presentations for corporations.

Team members can offer analytics and insights on financial reporting. They work with nonprofits and corporations to create visual data clouds that let you determine what really matters. They also help to streamline your software so you eliminate redundancies and work more efficiently.

The team has worked on eCommerce consultations as well. They've taken eCommerce brands from concept all the way through branding and launch. Their plans take into account long term sustainability, profitability, and messaging. The goal is to help your business carve a niche that none of the competition can quite fill.

Several of the team members also work with public speaking. For example, Dr. Elliot has spoken on television, the radio, at political meetings, conferences, churches, and corporate events. Amy is excellent at figuring out your business's best relationships and operations. Riley specializes in helping teams with building brands, creating social media, and other creative endeavors.

Precious Metals

Kirk Elliot PHD Review

When working on wealth management on an individual basis, Kirk Elliot leans into precious metals. He believes that precious metals are a vital component when working toward financial stability. At the same time, he also believes it's important to have some traditional assets and potential for growth in order to maximize your returns.

Individual clients are given wealth management plans that can span generations. These discuss how you're going to grow and maintain your wealth, how you will hand it down to the next generation, and what your legacy will be. The plans take into account all of your personal circumstances, priorities, and goals. No two plans are exactly the same.

Many of these plans involve a precious metals IRA. But that's far from the only component. An IRA is just one piece of the retirement plan, which is one piece of the wealth management plan. If you only need a self-directed IRA without the extra planning, this can be a little overwhelming.

Is Kirk Elliot PhD a Scam?

Kirk Elliot PHD Review

Kirk Elliot is not a scammer. He has a PhD in economics and has spent decades working to help people in the finance industry. Now he offers consultations, along with a group of other handpicked wealth advisors. Though his focus is on precious metals, he also creates portfolios that use traditional assets and income-generating assets as well.

There's no question about Elliot's level of expertise. He also has positive feedback from longtime colleagues and friends. But it is hard to find any feedback from strangers who have chosen to work with him. Many people choose to stick closer to their loved ones for financial advice.

So we can't determine whether he's the best wealth manager available to you. He's also not a precious metals dealer, even if he has access to precious metals assets. That means he's also not the best precious metals dealer to work with.

If you're looking for a precious metals IRA that also includes a decades-long wealth management plan, this is the place to go. You'll be given a unique strategy to help secure and grow your wealth, allowing future generations to inherit your legacy.

But if you're not looking for a wealth management plan, then this company doesn't have what you're looking for. Wealth management is the main service they provide.

Pros & Cons of Kirk Elliot PHD


  • Wealth management plans incorporating precious metals IRAs.
  • Tons of advisors to work with.


  • Only available in some states.
  • Not a precious metals dealer.
  • Hard to find unbiased reviews from past customers online.

Final Thoughts

Kirk Elliot PhD is a brilliant economist and talented wealth advisor. He's created a company in which he can focus on all of his main areas of expertise at once. For those who want a precious metals IRA that also incorporates a wealth management strategy, this company is exactly what you need.

However, for those who fall outside of that niche, the company might not be what you need. Maybe you don't need all the extra planning around your precious metals IRA. Maybe you're just trying to make a simple purchase of gold without writing down long-term strategies.

In these cases, you'll be better off working with a company that specializes in your specific needs. For basic gold IRAs, work with a precious metals IRA company. For quick purchases, work with a precious metals dealer with a big inventory and online shopping cart.

Kirk Elliot does seem to know what he's doing. He has devoted decades of his life to this niche. So if his services sound like what you need, then we can recommend him.

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