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Experts often recommend diversifying your portfolio by investing in precious metals. You can purchase precious metals, but another way to capitalize on the value of gold is to invest in gold mining companies. Kinross Gold is one of these gold mining companies that you may be looking at.

Is investing in Kinross Gold a good choice? Are you better of putting your money elsewhere? Continue reading to get our thoughts on these questions based on our detailed review of the company.

  • Product: Gold Mining Investment
  • Owner: J. Paul Rollinson, CEO
  • Overall Rating: 3.4/5

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About Kinross Gold

Kinross Gold Review

Kinross Gold was founded nearly 30 years ago in 1993. Their headquarters are located in Toronto, Canada, and currently about 9,000 people across the globe work for the company. Kinross Gold is a gold mining company with mines located in various parts of the world including the United States, Chile, Russia, Brazil, Mauritania, and Ghana.

Some of Kinross Gold's priorities include sustainability, growth of the company, and overall excellence in operation. The company website outlines four main values of the company:

  • Putting people first: Kinross Gold strives to treat each member of the team with respect and professionalism. They put a high value on the safety and overall health of each of their employees, the members of the communities they work in, and other individuals they do business with.
  • Outstanding corporate citizenship: Kinross Gold believes in holding themselves to high ethical standards. One of their main goals is to ensure they protect the environment and engage in sustainable gold mining.
  • High performance culture: The company believes in results and best business practices to lead to financial gains for each of their investors. They believe in working well as a team to deliver these results and looking for ways to further improve current practices.
  • Rigorous financial discipline: Kinross Gold doesn't take the financial investments of their shareholders lightly. They work hard to properly manage these funds and look for the most efficient, and profitable, ways to use them.

Kinross Gold Operations

Kinross Gold Review

Kinross Gold's operations tell a lot about the company and their business. They are very results-orientated and currently mine in different areas to provide a diverse portfolio and multiple areas to build wealth. The website lists the current all-in sustaining coast as $1,110, which certainly leaves room for a nice profit.

There are three main regions where the company is currently mining. These are the Americas, West Africa, and Russia.

  • The Americas: Much of Kinross Gold's operations take place in the Americas. They have five mines in this region. These minds are located in Fort Knox, United States, Round Mountain, Nevada, United States, Bald Mountain, Nevada, United States, and Paracatu, Brazil. These five mines represent more than half of the company's gold production.
  • West Africa: Kinross Gold currently has two mines in West Africa. They are located in Chirano, Ghana and Tasiast, Mauritania. This area holds a lot of promise for gold mining, and Kinross Gold continues to explore additional areas for growth. Currently, the West Africa mine account for about a quarter of the company's gold production.
  • Russia: In Russia, Kinross Gold has two operating mines in Kupol – Dvoinoye. Gold mining in Russia accounts for about 20% of the company's production.

In addition to the currently operating mines, Kinross is dedicated to exporting additional opportunities. They look for new ways to expand on their current production areas, as well as other potential opportunities that may exist


Kinross Gold Review

One of Kinross Gold's main priorities and commitments is to responsible mining and sustainability. They look for every opportunity to minimize their impact on the environment and also seek to help the communities in the areas where they are mining. They believe in respect to people, cultures, laws, and the environment.

On the website, one of the priorities listed for Kinross Gold is ethical conduct. The company shares that they believe in following the highest ethical standards possible. When working with other companies, they also look for ones that believe in following these high ethics standards.

Kinross Gold employs about 9,000 people. They seek to create a safe and healthy work environment for each individual they employ. They also believe in providing a rewarding pay to help each of these individuals earn enough money to be successful and secure.

Another huge aspect of Kinross Gold's sustainability goals is their dedication to protecting the environment. They look for ways to minimize their impact, and once operations in a particular area have been complete, they work to get the land as close to its original state as possible.

Kinross Gold looks to have a positive "benefit footprint." This is what the company refers to as the value they deliver for both their investors and the communities where they mine. Some of the ways they seek to build this footprint include creating jobs in communities and generating wealth for investors and employees.

Finally, Kinross Gold also places a high standard on community. They want to help improve each company and make lasting change that will continue even after mining operations cease.

Reasons to Consider Investing in Kinross Gold

Kinross Gold Review

Kinross Gold's website states that they are a "compelling investment opportunity." Some of the reasons they highlight that point to this claim include:

  • Trading metrics: Kinross Gold's trading metrics indicate a good opportunity for investors. The company has a positive track record related to operations and explores areas for growth that don't pose a huge risk for investors.
  • Strong and flexible balance sheets: The balance sheets from Kinross Gold show high liquidity with $2.2 billion in available credit, $676 million of which is cash. The company also has a low net debt to EBITDA ratio.
  • Being a strong producer of gold: Kinross Gold is an established producer of gold that operates numerous mines in different companies. Their projections indicate an increase in production and profits in the coming years.
  • Safe and efficient operating practices: Kinross Gold's safety records are some of the best in the gold mining industry. They have demonstrated skilled operation both in underground mines and open pit mines.
  • Opportunities for growth: With Kinross Gold's expanding portfolio, there are many opportunities for investors to increase their wealth.
  • Responsible mining practices: Kinross Gold believes in sustainability. They are among the lowest greenhouse gas emitters in the industry, share economic benefits with host communities, and offer job opportunities to the members of the communities where they mine.

Information for Investors

Kinross Gold Review

A section of Kinross Gold's website is dedicated to news about the company and other information that investors may find helpful. In this section, you can find various news releases about the company's earning reports, agreements with other government related to mining, and other updates and profits and endeavors.

This section of the website also includes any relevant company events, webcasts, or conference calls for investors. You can also find the company's Annual Reports, information about shareholder meetings, and dividends and other stock information.

Are There Any Red Flags for Kinross Gold?

Look through the reviews for Kinross Gold on online review sites to try to learn more about the company as you decide whether you would like to invest with them. We look for reviews from four trusted online review sites, the Better Business Bureau, Business Consumer Alliance, TrustLink, and Trustpilot, but could not find many.

What we did find is listed below. It does seem a bit troubling that there are so few online reviews available for this company, but it could be because they don't provide a physical product, but rather are an investment company. However, we'd still be a bit leery to invest with them based on the lack of reviews.

  • Better Business Bureau: Not rated
  • Business Consumer Alliance: B rating
  • TrustLink: Not rated
  • Trustpilot: Not rated

Is Kinross Gold a Scam?

Kinross Gold Review

No, Kinross Gold is not a scam. They are a legitimate gold mining company. Kinross Gold has been in business for nearly 30 years and has a real executive leadership team.

All that being said, we wouldn't really recommend choosing Kinross Gold. The lack of reviews for this company leave a lot of questions about the experience other investors have had. Choosing to work with them based on the few reviews out there seems like too big of a gamble, knowing there are other options when you're looking to invest in gold or gold mining.

Overall, if you'd like to invest in precious metals, we'd recommend doing so directly by purchasing physical metals, either as a personal investment or as part of a retirement plan. With Kinross Gold, your investment won't be giving you any of the physical gold the company mines, rather you're investing in the company itself.

While their performance will likely be correlated with the price of gold, other factors like leadership, management of funds, and product development could impact the company's performance, and thereby your investment.

If you do plan to invest in Kinross Gold or another gold mining company, we'd suggest doing it in addition to investing in physical precious metals, rather than instead of investing in physical metals.


  • Kinross Gold was founded in 1993.
  • They employ about 9,000 people across the globe.
  • Kinross Gold has a dedication to sustainability and responsible mining.
  • They operate profitable mines in the Americas, West Africa, and Russia.
  • The company has an eye on profits and looks for low-risk ways to grow their business and make money for investors.
  • You can find helpful information about the company, its operations, and profits in the "News and Investors" section on the website.


  • The company was established in 1993.
  • Kinross Gold has mines in the Americas, West Africa, and Russia that are producing a lot of gold.
  • They believe in responsible mining and sustainability.


  • There are hardly any customer reviews available online.

Final Verdict

Kinross Gold seems to be a legitimate gold mining investment company. But, we'd recommend taking your business elsewhere and investing in physical precious metals with one of the other highly rated companies out there. Between the lack of reviews for Kinross Gold and the fact that your investment would not just be tied to the price of gold, but other factors related to the company itself, we just can't recommend using Kinross Gold.

Although we do think that Kinross Gold could be a solid company, we believe that there are better companies out there to make your investment with.

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