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Securing your financial future is crucial for you and your family during difficult economic times, and being confident in tomorrow is the key to a happy retirement. Did you know you could invest in precious metals that can guarantee great investment returns?

From gold and platinum to silver, JR Bullion seeks to make it easy for you to gain that financial side of your life locked in. you might have seen it across the internet when looking for great investment options. We will review JR Bullion and ask all the right questions that might make your decision-making process easier when partnering with the company.

Is JR Bullion a great investment option? Are they the right company to work with according to my needs? Will I be satisfied with the kind of customer care service they offer? What did other people who managed to get a working relationship with JR Bullion say about the company?

This review seeks to understand and answer all of these questions together with so many more as we continue to explore our options.

  • Product: Precious Metals
  • Owner: J.R Bullion
  • Overall Rating: 4.6/5

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What's JR Bullion?

JR Bullion Review

JR Bullion is an online retailer shop for precious metal products; they have been in the business for the past 11 years. They mainly provide physical Bullion, silver, and gold products. After purchase, the product will be shipped directly to your door within a specified time frame. Providing the best products is their top priority, and administering quality is just as crucial to the company.

The company's headquarters are located in the United States in Dallas, TX. They do have accreditation from the state together with the federal government alike. JR Bullion is committed to providing excellent products by double-checking them and following them up once the client purchases them.

When looking for a company that might work for you, working with JR Bullion will ensure the investment you make is well looked after by security companies. They are reputable and well-reviewed by their buyers. The company does not offer-numismatic-coins or any foreign currency.

What Does JR Bullion Offer?

JR Bullion specializes in selling and purchasing gold, silver, and physical Bullion like:


Gold is a precious metal that most clients seek, and JR Bullion has on bulk. Suppose you wish to invest in gold coins or bars. In that case, JR Bullion offers options like American Eagles, Canadian Maples, American Gold Buffalos, Gold Krugerrand, word Gold Coins, Certified Gold coins, Mexican Gold Coins, Disney gold coins, and so many variations for gold bars.


JR Bullion offers an array of silver coins and bars. The silver option is popular among clients. And they are ever gaining popularity within the investment market. If this is what you are looking for, JR Bullion deals with silver coins, American Silver Coins, Canadian silver coins, and British silver coins. They also offer silver bars, rounds, statues, and bullets at an affordable rate.


A lot of precious metal dealers can't offer you a platinum option. And this goes on to speak on the quality and rarity of the metal to the market. Investing in platinum diversifies your options and makes it easy for you to be confident in your financial journey.

JR Bullion offers platinum bars, American, British, Canadian, and certified coins. Copper rounds, bars, wheat pennies, palladium coins, and other coin accessories can also be found at JR Bullion.

How Can I Purchase From JR Bullion?

JR Bullion Review

It's so easy to get access to JR Bullion products whenever you want to purchase any of their products. Their catalog can be accessed from the top of their homepage. Visit their site and proceed to find the product you desire, then

  • Add the product to your cart.
  • If its multiple options from the same product, select how many you wish to purchase.
  • The site will offer a check-out option. Once satisfied with the products, head to the option and select.
  • Enter your payment option; JR Bullion supports a lot of options.
  • Lastly, you can check your preferred method for shipping; Whether it's PayPal, visa, MasterCard, or bitcoin. 

If this is the first time you are shopping with JR Bullion, the site will request your shipping information so you can complete the shipping process.

Does JR Bullion Offer Return Services?

The answer is yes; JR Bullion offers return services within five business days since the product was delivered to the customer. In particular, they may need photos when you want to return the product. After the JR customer service has accepted your return, mailing it to them is the next step.

The customer will settle all the shipping charges that might be incurred. If you choose to return the product, JR Bullion will offer to repurchase it with the buyback prices based on the product's spot price. If the cost of your product has gone down since purchase, you stand to lose some money in the process.

How Can I Pay for My Product?

JR offers a wide variety of payments to its customers, although for you to access a payment method, you need to be aware of its parameters.

  • When paying via PayPal, they accept only orders up to $10,000.
  • When purchasing via wire transfer, they allow orders between $2500 and $250,000.
  • Paying via Credit or debit card, they take orders up to $5000.
  • Bitcoin payment can be facilitated for up to $150,000.

Shipping Information

JR Bullion Review

JR Bullion works with USPS or UPS to provide shipping services, including shipping and insurance costs for orders exceeding $99. They also support customer ship tracking services; you can track the order from the day of payment.

Once the payment has been cleared, the product is immediately shipped to you. Depending on your mode of payment, the money may clear immediately or take three to five business days. For orders above $1000, they do require a mandatory signature on delivery.

Resources for Investors

If you are looking to invest with JR Bullion, there is a lot of information on every precious metal offered by the company on their website. They educate and offer to show the value of different precious metals and how much they go for.

With an extensive data range, they provide a tab of the most bought or sold precious metals so you can reference what other people are buying from the company.

Are There Red Flags When It Comes to JR Bullion?

It doesn't take time for you to check reviews to see that the company has excellent review feedback from its clients. JR Bullion has 4.79 stars from over 2,500 reviews; this is a testament from the clients that they are satisfied with their purchases.

Most of the reviewers cite JR Bullion's fast delivery, great packaging, and excellent customer service experience. Reviewers note the company as a great option for purchasing gold and silver coins. 

While going through reviews, I did stumble on Trustpilot, which goes on to offer negative feedback on the site. On their Facebook site, their clients review JR Bullion very well. A few Trustpilot reviewers scored the company at 3.4 out of 5 with only 342 reviews. In comparison, an overwhelming number of clients tend to think differently regarding the company.

How Does JR Bullion Make Sure That My Money Is Accounted for?

JR Bullion Review

With 256-bit SSL encryption, certified by the company DigiCert, JR Bullion can encrypt sensitive customer banking data from being hacked. They facilitate the process by JR Bullion's PCI-compliant payment gateway.

When orders are being shipped, the orders are insured by the company for their total value and are packed in discreet packaging. When on the road, JR Bullion provides tracking for the product.

JR Bullion also offers bullion storage options through their work partners, TDS Vaults. When you are at their website, it allows you to fill out an application that allows you to open a TDS Vaults storage account for your Bullion.

TDS Vaults options can provide access to their different storage options available in New York, Singapore, Zurich, Switzerland, and Toronto, Canada. Once you have filed your application and purchased your Bullion, the company will facilitate your order to be delivered directly to your Vault account of your choice.

Pros & Cons of JR Bullion


  • Unlike other precious metals dealers, JR Bullion does not pay commission or service fees whenever you purchase from the company.
  • There is a reserved discount price for military members regardless of the number of their orders. Usually, the orders need to be in bulk for standard orders for one to access discounts. military members, there is an exception that makes it easy and enjoyable to purchase from them.
  • Their partnering with TDS Vaults is a great asset for any customer who wishes to have their purchases stored for safe keeping. As an investor, you have your precious metal intact and insured by the company. The precious metal will be delivered to your vault directly.
  • JR Bullion offers great live pricing for market prices. The prices are updated in real-time. This can be accessed straight from JR Bullion's homepage.
  • The feedback from the JR Bullion's clients is overwhelmingly positive. The high rates give it a bonus look when looking for a trustworthy company to look into your future purchases.


  • JR Bullion customer service can only be accessed during business days and working hours.
  • The company also doesn't deal in foreign notes, numismatic coins, or access to currency.

Is JR Bullion a Scam?

No, it's not a scam. The company has existed since 2011, and they have a physical address one could go to in Dallas, TX, in the United States. JR Bullion also has the proper accreditation from the federal government and distributors.

With such a long stand in business, it seems highly unlikely for the company to be a hoax and manage to get away for so long. Many of its clients can speak to its value as they all find JR Bullion's product to be well within their satisfactory meter.

JR Bullion also offers IRA services. IRA services are great for diversifying your portfolio while having great IRA benefits; if you are thinking about joining a company that has you well-diversified, then JR Bullion is the correct partner for you.

Final Verdict

As an investor, if you'd like to purchase any precious metals like gold, silver, or palladium, we could highly recommend JR Bullion. They have a great online presence and a lot of positive feedback from their customers, and I wouldn't throw away the views of anyone at Trustpilot.

Head to the site, and see if the negative reviews attack some of the strong non-negotiables you have to be offered before investing. Once you have asserted, go ahead and counter it with the rest of the other reviewers.

Lucky for you, we did that, so you don't have to. We believe that JR Bullion is a great company to invest in if you are looking for precious metals with the benefit of security. It is easy to set up an account with them, and if you are dissatisfied with their product or services, you could seek return services that are just as reliable, although offered at buy back Securing your financial future is crucial for you and your family during difficult economic times, and being confident in tomorrow is the key to a happy retirement. Did you know you could invest in precious metals that can guarantee great investment returns?

From gold and platinum to silver, JR Bullion seeks to make it easy for you to gain that financial side of your life locked in. you might have seen it across the internet when looking for great investment options. We will review JR Bullion and ask all the right questions that might make your decision-making process easier when partnering with the company.

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