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You might have heard that precious metals, such as Gold and Silver, can help you achieve your goals of securing your financial future. If you are considering purchasing precious metals for investment purposes or personal reasons in California, you might have come across Irvine Gold Mine.

It is normal for people to have reservations about where to purchase Bullions and rare coins, as it is very easy to take advantage of. It is, therefore, vital to conduct proper research about a place you're eying before going ahead to make your purchase or sale.

Is Irvine Gold Mine a reliable company? Can they be trusted? How long have they been in business? Read on for these answers and more about the Irvine Gold Mine.

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All About Irvine Gold Mine

Irvine Gold Mine

The Irvine Gold Mine first opened its doors in 1979 at its current site. The company flourished quickly after being founded on the concept of offering excellent customer service at a fair price.

For nearly 40 years, the Irvine Gold Mine has remained on the same site, with its first objective being to provide excellent customer service at a fair price. It is a family-owned firm with a seasoned workforce comprising two GIA graduate gemologists and two highly experienced coin experts on staff to assist you in buying, selling, or obtaining a loan for jewelry or coins.

They also have skilled jewelers to walk you through all your jewelry needs! It is a one-stop-shop that provides a wide range of services, such as;

  • Coin buying and selling
  • Collateral loans
  • Bespoke jewelry design
  • On-site jewelry repair
  • Bridal and fashion jewelry
  • Vintage jewelry
  • Watch repair
  • Appraisals and more.

Irvine Gold Mine also takes the local community seriously and is involved in many charity projects and sponsorships of many local organizations.

Irvine Gold Mine Bullion and Rare Coins

Irvine Gold Mine

As mentioned earlier, Irvine Gold Mine deals with purchasing and selling rare coins and precious metals. They have a solid staff of numismatic experts who have helped them attain a national reputation and success in the rare coin sector.

Their numismatist is well-known for his deep understanding of coins and jewelry and his fair pricing, which has gained him a reputation in the town. You might want to visit them if you plan to shop around to enjoy their competitive prices.

One significant benefit for Irvine Gold Mine customers is that their markup on rare coins is often in the 10% to 15% range which is in contrast to the typical markup of 25% to 40% observed at many large corporations in the business.

Their bullion markup is typically approximately 1% to 3% above the wholesale cost, providing their customers with the perks of both price competitiveness and knowledge. You can therefore deal in confidence with California's industry leaders.

Forms of Gold, Platinum & Silver for Investment 

Irvine Gold Mine


Gold is a highly sought-after precious metal many investors want to include in their investment portfolio. It's extremely rare, easy to liquidate, and can aid with inflation protection. If you want to invest in Gold with Irvine Gold Mine, the possibilities available include 1oz Gold bullions.

They have the lowest premium per ounce of Gold and are easily traded. There are various coins available, including;

  • American Eagle.
  • Canadian Maple Leaf.
  • Chinese Panda.
  • South African Krugerrand.
  • Fractional U.S. Gold Eagles- Available in 1/10, 1/4, and 1/2 ounce sizes. The coins are popular because of their smaller units, great for gifts or bartering.


Another popular investment option among financial experts is silver. Silver's price is projected to rise as more and more uses for the metal are discovered in technology and production. Invest in the following Silver options with Irvine Gold Mine;

  • One Ounce Rounds: 999 Fine Pure Silver Trade Units.
  • 90% Silver- Coinage containing 90% silver content that was produced in the United States before 1964. The coins are legal currency and come in modest amounts for trading.
  • U.S. Silver Eagles.
  • U.S. Morgan & Peace Dollars: Limited mintages. Numismatic silver values. 1878-1935.
  • Silver Bars: Available in 10 oz and 100 oz sizes.

Platinum and Palladium

Some of the great ways to invest in platinum with Irvine Gold Mine include;

  • 1 oz Platinum maples.
  • 1 oz Platinum American Eagles.
  • Palladium is a platinum family metal with numerous industrial applications. It could be a fantastic alternative to diversify your precious metals portfolio.
  • 1 oz Palladium Bars.

Is Irvine Gold Mine Credible?

Irvine Gold Mine

The company is legal and has been in operation since 1979, spanning more than 40 years. Their physical location is in Irvine, California. They have been in business for nearly 40 years, and it seems quite improbable that they could have lasted this long if they were not authentic.

Besides being in business for over 40 years, the business has many positive online reviews, speaking to their prowess and mastery of their craft. Clients have testified to getting the most competitive prices here and having experienced good customer service from the employees.

They are described as trustworthy and friendly; hence you don't have to worry about being taken advantage of. It is also important to note that they are fully insured, bonded, and licensed.

Irvine Gold Mine Features

  • It was founded in 1979 and has been operational for more than 40 years, serving the people of Orange County.
  • They offer high-quality jewelry at very reasonable prices.
  • They have established important sources and contacts worldwide, hence the ability to source various metals and jewels.
  • They offer loans on both jewelry and coins without a maximum amount limit.
  • They pay cash for anything they buy from you.
  • They are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.


  • You can invest in Gold, silver, and platinum coins and bars.
  • They offer custom designs if you have a specific vision in mind.
  • They offer loans on items.


  • Absence of a live chat feature on the website.
  • There are some negative online reviews.
  • IRA services may not be available.

Final Verdict

Irvine Gold Mine sounds like a great place to consider if you'd like to purchase rare coins, gold, silver,platinum, or palladium. They have been in business long enough to have mastered the craft, and most of their online reviews are testimony to that.

Like any other business, you will find a few unsatisfied client reviews online, but most of these concerns have been addressed by the company. However, conducting more research on this and other companies is still advisable to ensure you get the best solution for your needs.

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