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Mining might be one of the most lucrative businesses on the plant, but it's also prone to various hassles, which you must consider. Even among the chaos occurring worldwide in the past months, it's still reassuring to see precious metals retaining their market value.

Based on a mining point of view, mining activities have been of significant interest over the years. With this guide, you will learn more about the Idaho Gold Company:

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Company Mission

Idaho Gold

The main mission of the Idaho Gold company is to provide high-quality mining claims to anyone interested in precious metals. The range of the clients the company deals with is immense, often including mining groups, professionals, and even novice individuals.

The company uses proprietary methods for finding suitable sites for mining projects and providing optimal value to its clients.

Most of the clients the company works with are individuals who have an affinity for the finer things in life. They interact with miners and fellow prospectors who are passionate about finding high-value precious metals for their consumers.

The company has also accumulated immense experience over the years, which has been crucial to its value proposition strategies.

The individual responsible for running the company goes by the name Jason and has accumulated immense experience in the mining field. Anyone who needs insight or information about the company's offerings can use the website for direct consultation.

The experience that Jason has acquired over the years comes from him being a fifth generator miner. The Idaho Gold company's strategies are modern and hope to ensure consumers get the best value for their money. They also have several satisfaction guarantees that offer unrivaled results with each exploration project.

All of the techniques the company uses are environmentally friendly and also focus on sustainable mining practices. Jason started mining as a recreational activity and has since then evolved into a highly professional mining service provider.

Government Approved Organization

Idaho Gold

Mining activities can sometimes have serious long-term side effects on portions of usable land. Mining is also an activity that some companies can exploit, leading to unsustainable side effects.

Therefore, the US Federal Government has various guidelines to help regulate mining activities in any state in the country.

We like that the Idaho Gold Company is fully compliant with all the regulations the government provides for mining operations.

All its staff members have the right resources for mining, including those for workplace safety. The company also has an excellent accountability record, which we believe makes it perfect for mining in Idaho.

Equipment Used

Idaho Gold

Perhaps the most notable aspect of success for this company is the specific technologies they use for mining purposes. Most of these technologies provide high-value benefits and are suitable for individuals or companies that need quality results.

While most of these technologies have been costly for the company, they have been crucial in its ability to scale its operations. Some of these technologies the company uses for mining projects include:

  • RC 46 Rock Crusher
  • Thor Chain Mill-Rock Crusher
  • Large Shaker Wash Plant

Jason from Idaho Gold Experience Level

Idaho Gold

Below is a specific list of the experiences and accomplishments that Jason has made over the years:

  • Over three decades of experience in the mining industry taught by a geologist father who is also a fourth-generation miner.
  • Over two decades of experience in plotting, surveying, and managing construction projects.
  • Over 18 years of ownership and maintenance of Lode placer claims.
  • Over ten years of experience working as a sole business agent in the mining field.
  • Government approved services with decades of service experience and exposure.

Get in Touch for Consultation

Idaho Gold

Getting in touch with the Idaho Gold company for insight and consultation is simple. Usually, the company starts this process by outlining the needs of their clients to find a suitable mining site.

It also involves mapping the clients' specific needs and aligning them with the project's expected results. Most of the project offerings also focus on the specific equipment and operations organizations hope to establish.

Unlike other mining organizations that only approximate suitable sites, the Idaho Gold company always seeks to go the extra mile. Aside from offering mining services, the Idaho Gold company also provides assistance on mining or sustainable practices for such projects.

While the consultation services can sometimes be hectic, we find it convenient that Jason offers them free. You can also use this link to identify some of the other services the company offers its consumers. Some of the other contact details of the company include:

  • Email: idahogoldmining@gmail.com
  • Phone: (208) 761-2246

However, be careful because it's mining season, so you might sometimes find the company unresponsive. Fortunately, you can send an email detailing your needs, and the support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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