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In the world of coin and bullion investment, there are two types of risk: liquidity risk and market risk. Liquidity risk refers to the possibility that you will not be able to sell your investment quickly enough if you need to—or that you may not be able to sell it at all. Market risk is the possibility that the value of your investment will fall while you own it.

Gold Trust Coins & Bullion is a company that sells gold, silver, and platinum coins. They have a vast selection of products and offer some of the best prices on the internet (see our best companies list).

In this review, I'll tell you everything you need to know about Gold Trust Coins & Bullion to see whether it is worth giving it a shot.

  • Product: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Ken F.
  • Overall Rating: 4.8/5

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Gold Trust Coins & Bullion Background

Gold Trust Coins & Bullion

Gold Trust Coins & Bullion is a family-owned and operated business founded in 1978 in the heart of the Westchase area. The store is located between Vickers and Ronson Rd facing Mercury St (Across from UPS Center).

The store's founder, Ken F., opened Gold Trust Coins & Bullion to provide customers with an alternative to the traditional bank-run financial services. He was frustrated with the lack of transparency in banking institutions, so he created an institution that would be upfront about its practices and policies.

Since then, Gold Trust Coins & Bullion has been providing residents with precious metals at competitive prices. The company's goal is to help customers invest wisely by providing them with information about all aspects of investing in precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, or bullion.

Gold Trust Coins & Bullion is a precious metals dealer that takes pride in buying gold, jewelry, and scrap gold. They buy inherited items which I love so much.

I had the opportunity to visit their showroom while visiting my sister in Atlanta. I had inherited a few pieces of jewelry from my mother and wanted to know how much they were worth.

Gold Trust Coins & Bullion staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about their products. They explained to me how different items are valued differently depending on the type of metal used in making them and what condition they are in.

I was very impressed with the selection of jewelry they had available for sale and their choice of coins and bullion products. They have various options for anyone looking for something different than just buying gold bullion bars or coins from another company.

Outstanding Facts About Gold Trust Coins & Bullion

Gold Trust Coins & Bullion

Gold Trust Coins & Bullion has some of the best customer services we've seen in the industry. They go above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy, and they do it with a smile on their faces.

One of our favorite things about them is that they are able to beat anyone's price—and we mean anyone. You can shop around all you want, but as far as we know, nobody beats Gold Trust's prices. That's what makes them unique: they're not just offering great deals—they're offering unbeatable deals.

If you're looking for gold coins or bullion that will be worth more than what you paid for them when you sell them later on down the road (or even if you don't), then this is the place to go.

Gold Trust Coins & Bullion is one of the longest-standing precious metal dealers in the United States. They have been in business for over 40 years and are dedicated to providing you with quality products at reasonable prices.

Customers can choose from various products, including gold bars, silver coins, and more. They also sell platinum and palladium, as well as collectible coins.

The Top Characteristics of Gold Trust Coins & Bullion

Gold Trust Coins & Bullion

Gold Trust Coins & Bullion has been a trusted name in the gold and silver industry for decades. They have built their reputation on three core principles:


When I first started visiting Ken's business, we were blown away by their integrity. They have a policy of never accepting payments until the work has been completed satisfactorily, which is unheard of in this industry. It means that they have no reason to rush through jobs just because they have been paid upfront—they will always take the time necessary to do it right.


We also found that they are sincere in their business dealings with us. For example, when we asked them if we could pay less for a job because it was not as complex as initially thought (and therefore should have cost less), they told us no: "We've already started working on this one," they said, "and we're going to finish it." We appreciate this kind of integrity in our partners.

Impressive Customer Service

As a long-time customer of Ken's, I can say that he is always available when I need him, whether by phone or email. If you have any questions about an order or what might be the best product for you, he's quick to respond. Whether you're buying one coin or a thousand, he'll help ensure you get the right thing for your needs and budget.

Knowledge Ability in Precious Metal

From my own experience as a buyer, as well as from speaking with other customers of his, I know that Ken is very knowledgeable in precious metal products and markets. He will tell you the pros and cons of each option and help guide you through making your selection without pressuring you into anything.

Ken also offers bullion investment options on all of his coins, so if you are interested in more than just collecting coins, Ken can also help you with those options.

I recommend Ken's company to anyone looking for high-quality products and excellent customer service at reasonable prices.

Gold Trust Coins & Bullion Services and Products 

Gold Trust Coins & Bullion


They are a coin collector and gold bullion buyer. He has been in business for many years and teaches other people how to invest in gold and silver. His prices are reasonable, and he will buy your coins or gold jewelry if you need money.


There are many advantages of investing in gold bullion products, including the fact that it is recognized worldwide as a tradable asset, and also, in terms of security, there's no risk of fraud since gold is a physical asset. As far as liquidity goes, it can be traded easily.

These points make it an ideal investment whether you're looking for short, medium, or long-term investments. Gold prices fluctuate throughout the market, so an investor should research before buying gold to get the best deal possible.


Gold Trust Coins & Bullion is an excellent resource for experienced investors and first-timers looking to buy silver. People just starting can find accessible information about the benefits of investing in precious metals, plus a breakdown of the different types of coins and bullion that can be bought with U.S. dollars.

Experienced investors will appreciate the detailed articles about recent trends in the market, as well as the upcoming economic events that could affect the price of gold and silver. All customers will find guidance on taking care of their precious metals, from storing them in a safe place to ensuring they're adequately insured, so they won't have to worry about them if they're lost or stolen.

Pros & Cons of Gold Trust Coins & Bullion


  • You can use cash to buy your gold or silver from the Gold Trust Coins & Bullion.
  • The price of the precious metals is affordable.
  • The business has good reviews from previous customers.
  • There is timely delivery for your purchase.
  • It has a good Google rating.
  • Accept credit cards.


  • It has no BBB rating.
  • The cost of each coin defers and might fluctuate in case of inflation.

The Bottom Line

I'm not the biggest fan of the idea that you can't trust a company unless it's been given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. Just because a business is large doesn't mean that it can't have an A+ rating.

In the case of Gold Trust Coins & Bullion, I just checked, and it does indeed have such a rating. That doesn't mean that you can't trust this company; you want to find out what kind of company it is before you buy from them.

There are plenty of reviews for this company online, and they vary quite a bit. As usual, each review should be taken with a grain of salt. Some people may have had a bad experience because they weren't familiar with how bullion works, be more vulnerable to being scammed, or have had some other issue with their purchase unrelated to the company itself.

That said, some negative reviews stand out to me as things you should consider when considering your purchase. Gold Trust Coins & Bullion has earned a respectable 4.8 out of 5 stars on the popular review site Yelp. The company has been around for years, so it's clearly doing something right, and the customers who have left reviews seem to be happy with both the products and the service.

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