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Gold Avenue is a bullion dealer operating out of Geneva, Switzerland. An online retailer of MKS PAMP GROUP, Gold Avenue is a leading name in the precious metal industry. Began in 2017, this company offers unique solutions to investing in commodities.

Operating an all-in-one platform that allows investors to digitally buy, store, and resell tangible metal securities from anywhere, Gold Avenue is a truly innovative investment solution. Specializing in PAMP Suisse products by MKS Switzerland, Gold Avenue is directly affiliated with the refinery owners who produce some of the purest gold. As distributors of products exclusively produced by one of the world's most recognized mints, Gold Avenue boasts exceptional products as well as exceptional standards. Let’s see how they measure up.

  • Product: Sell, Store, and Resell Noble Metals
  • Owner: Alessandro Soldati along with the Shakarchi family (MKS PAMP GROUP)
  • Overall Rating: 4.7/5

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Products Available Through Gold Avenue

Gold Avenue Review


Being directly affiliated with MKS, Gold Avenue carries a wide variety of PAMP Suisse gold bars and coins. With a huge selection of fine gold products that are 999.9% pure, they sell only the finest that the precious metal market has to offer. Despite that PAMP products make up the primary selection of products offered, Gold Avenue also sells commodities from other mints that are of exceptional quality.

Such as, the Vreneli 20 Swiss Francs Gold Coin produced by the Swiss National Mint, the Canadian Maple Leaf 9999 Gold Coin from the Royal Canadian Mint, the American Eagle Gold Coin from the US Mint, and the gold Krugerrand from the Rand Refinery of South Africa; and much more. Buying only products from reputable refineries around the globe, Gold Avenue ensures its customers that exceptional quality is their only standard.


As expected, a large number of silver products offered at Gold Avenue are also extremely pure 999% PAMP products. However, they also have a wide variety of coins and collectable bars of reputable quality. A cheaper alternative to gold, silver is often a first choice for those new to investing in metal securities. Priced to fit almost any budget, Gold Avenue’s selection of fine silver commodities provide investors with an opportunity to delve into the market with minimal risk.

Gold Avenue Review


A more rare metal than gold and silver, platinum also makes a great investment. Cheaper per ounce in the current market, (gold is currently selling at 1.81% of the cost of platinum at Gold Avenue 7-20-22) platinum has the potential to become increasingly valuable. More dense than gold, platinum also has many practical uses that are highly valued. Offered in 999.5% pure bars and a host of highly popular coins, Gold Avenue has a decent selection of platinum products in comparison to other dealers.


Even more rare than platinum, palladium, due to its scarcity, is currently more valuable than gold. Selling on Gold Avenue (7-20-22) at roughly 1.09% the price of gold, palladium is the most valuable commodity available through this site. Used in making white gold alloy and in the development of electronic power cells for cars as well as in dentistry and industrial hydro-generation processes, this superior metal will undoubtedly rise in price in the very near future.

Selling in either 999.5% pure bars or a 1 oz. Royal Canadian Mint Maple Leaf coin, palladium products, due to their scarcity, have a much more limited selection. However, Gold Avenue does have more product choices than others who either don’t offer it or only carry one or two options. Although high-priced, Palladium is unquestionably a sound investment.

Product Standards

Gold Avenue Review

Because Gold Avenue is affiliated with MKS Switzerland, an honored producer of extremely pure PAMP Suisse products, their standards are just as exceptional. Strictly adhering to a product offering that is refined at only the most reputable mints across the globe, Gold Avenue only deals with the best of the best.

In fact, their dedication to providing their customers with only the finest precious metals, also dictates their buying policies. Only purchasing directly from reputable mints or buying back items that customers have stored in their facility ensures that metals of a lesser quality do not become circulated via their organization.

Storage Services

What makes Gold Avenue unique in comparison to other bullion dealers are their included storage products. Making it easy to buy and sell gold virtually, without transporting tangible investments, each Gold Avenue product comes with storage included in the price. Free up to an accumulated value of $11,000, $8 a month for $12,000 - $110,000 in value, and only .5% of the total investment value yearly on accumulations over $110,000, storage solutions are extremely reasonable. Fully allocated separately from the banking system and effectively insured in case of theft, loss, or damages, Gold Avenues AAA secure vaults located in Switzerland ensure the durability of your assets.


With the ability to track your investments though Gold Avenue in a real-time application, you’ll know when to sell at a higher yield. But how do you sell your accumulated investments purchased through Gold Avenue and how much does it cost to liquidate a metal asset using their system?

Well the answer to that is just as simple as tracking your assets value. Just simply open your digital wallet after logging into their system, select the assets to be sold, and click sell. This can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any secure internet connection with a 0% commission fee. Yes, that’s right, absolutely no fee on resale.


Gold Avenue Review

Accepting USD, EU, GBP, and CHF monetary payments, Gold Avenue offers four different methods of payment.

Wire Transfers

No fee wire transfers for purchases between CHF100 and CHF50,000 ($100 - $50,000 respectively). Invoices must be paid immediately after ordering.

Gold Avenue Pay

A free service offered by gold avenue that allows customers to fund a buying account via wire transfer before purchase. Allowing users to buy or sell from Gold Avenue without dealing with numerous wire transfers from personal banks, Gold Avenue Pay is a hassle-free way to buy and sell at a moment's notice.

Credit Card

Adding only a 3% surcharge, Gold avenue allows customers to pay directly via credit or debit cards that use 3D Secure processing. *Contact your bank to see if your cards use 3D secure technology before purchase.


A form of digital gold holding that uses the bitcoin blockchain, DGLD makes using your gold to buy other commodities super easy. Secured by precious metal assets you already have stored in insured Swiss vaults, DGLD makes paying for new assets a breeze. With only a .0005% fee, paying with DGLD is a great way to avoid costly wire transfer fees.

Please note: Gold Avenue is not responsible for any fees you might incur through your own personal bank transactions.

Customer Reviews

Gold Avenue Review

Finally, the pièce de résistance! Let’s see what customers say about their transactions with Gold Avenue. The first reputable site that comes up when searching for Gold Avenue customer reviews is Trustpilot. An organization recognized for establishing a way for consumers to verify a businesses worthiness, Trustpilot is a respectable site that holds critiques for businesses all around the globe. In regard to Gold Avenue, Trustpilot has 1220 reviews posted with an overall star rating of 4.7! Listed as an excellent organization, Gold Avenue’s customers hand out 5 star after 5 star reviews!

With only 5% of the ratings being average or below, Gold Avenue comes in as a top company in regard to customer satisfaction. They also take the time to reply to each and every review, which shows they are dedicated to staying informed of their customer’s opinions. Despite the fact that the company is relatively new and only has major satisfaction rankings listed on Trustpilot, based on the 1220 responses from the customers who took the time to respond about their experience, you are most likely not going to be disappointed.

Price Comparison

Gold Avenue Review

With completely up front pricing, Gold Avenue makes price comparisons quick and easy. Simply go to their site, click on the commodity you want to buy and presto! The buy price, not the spot price, is clearly displayed.

The best part is the transparency of it all. Just below the price, you’ll find the included premium amount listed for that particular product. There is no calling to get a quote, then calling back to verify ever-changing prices. Gold Avenue offers you on demand rates in real time with no tedious phone calls.

As for their competitors, methods of conveying actual purchase prices vary. In looking at the other 7 companies that offer buying, selling and storage of precious commodities online (as listed by sophisticatedinvestor.com), you’ll find a lot of information about other organizations that can help you evaluate the competition.

In order to establish an idea of where Gold Avenue stands among them, I found two other companies on the list that also offer no-hassle, transparent pricing. Let’s see how the comparison panned out.

As of today 7-21-22 at 12:10 pm EST, each organization listed the 1 oz. gold Krugerrand coin for the following prices:

Gold Avenue: $1798.56 which includes a $91.78 premium, with zero VAT fees and no minimum.
SWP Cayman: $1799.10 which includes the premium. VAT fees and or minimums not disclosed.
Gold Core: $ 1804.20 but has a minimum order of $ 5100.

Looking at this comparison, Gold Avenue seems to have a valuable price advantage over their competitors.

Pros & Cons of Gold Avenue


  • Shipping is completely optional.
  • Storage of smaller investments is 100% free.
  • Super reasonable storage prices on investments over $11,000.
  • All products sold at Gold Avenue come from vetted, reputable sources.
  • Gold Avenue provides a direct line to PAMP Suisse fine precious metal products.
  • Affiliated with a Swiss Mint that is looked upon with respect, they have a long-standing reputation to uphold.
  • Customer reviews are spectacular.
  • Completely transparent pricing that looks to be lower than the competition.
  • Immediacy of total-cost pricing without phone calls.
  • Zero cost resale on stored items.
  • 24/7 buying and selling.
  • Large selection, even in the rare metal categories.
  • Quick and easy payment options.
  • Credit and debit cards accepted.


  • You do not tangibly hold your investment.
  • A larger investment relationship may require building trust when dealing with non-tangible assets.
  • Shipping outside the EU requires a phone call.
  • Only being able to resell to them, without retrieving your investment and reselling yourself.

Is Buying from Gold Avenue a Safe Way to Invest?

It seems it can safely be said that it is! With over 1000 impressive customer reviews, Gold Avenue seems to be taking the precious metal market by storm. Easy, convenient, and secure investing with Gold Avenue might just be what takes your net worth to new heights! Check it out to see if this type of investment is right for you.

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