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The Gold and Silver Assay company offers an exciting opportunity to purchase gold and silver bullion coins at wholesale prices, meaning you can buy more for less.

The review covers several topics, including how to get started, what gold and silver bars are worth buying, when someone should invest in gold or silver, myths about buying precious metals, and more.

The company offers a variety of bonus offers for regular customers, including discounts on gold, silver, and platinum bars and coins and additional discounts for those who want to order larger quantities.

The central portion of this review is an in-depth exploration of buying bars instead of coins. It is because, in the past years, the value of many bullion suppliers' bars has outstripped their coins. Nowadays, more people buy gold and silver bars than choose coins for convenience.

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How To Get Started

Gold and Silver Assay

Gold and Silver Assay owners want to make it as easy to buy gold, silver, and platinum bars as it is to buy coins – and they have a history of doing just that.

Considering how online bullion dealers typically require you to fill in form after form, even if you're buying the same products in the exact quantities, getting started with the company can prove simple.

To be able to buy gold and silver bars, you first need to request an account. It is done by filling out a short form and sending a scanned copy of your ID card. From there, the company will inspect your ID and give you the go-ahead.

Once you've got your account, you need to decide what size bars you want. Some customers will buy a minimum of one, while others might opt for ten. You also have the option of buying more than one size.

What Gold and Silver Bars Are Worth Buying

Gold and Silver Assay

When you order gold, silver, or platinum bars with the company, you'll notice several brand names attached to different varieties. That's because the company offers these bars from several different manufacturers.

As you start to buy gold, silver, and platinum in larger quantities, you'll find that your brand choices will narrow down, but for now, it's essential to know what the differences between brands are and what they mean for your investment.

The company doesn't carry every brand, so you might have to shop around for which one is the best for you. Gold and silver bars are made from various metals, but the most common ones include:

  • Gold – 24 karat gold.
  • Silver – 99.9% pure silver. This classification is known as 'bullion' or 'investment grade .'It's used to refer to gold coins that have been produced using the same standard as investment-grade coins such as those from the US Mint.
  • Platinum – this is usually 99.95% pure. It's a precious metal that's used in jewelry, and it's used to manufacture coins and bars. It's rarely found as bars, but occasionally you'll find them offered by the pound or kilogram.

    If you're buying an ounce of platinum, it will be sold in a single-ounce coin or bar, sometimes packaged in more than one. You might also find .9995 platinum bars on offer from the company.

What Difference Does It Make Which One You Choose?

Gold and Silver Assay

If you're buying a small number of bars, it might not matter much. If you buy them in larger quantities, however, it pays to do your research and choose your brand wisely. The worst choice is any bar that has been dipped in gold or silver, as this reduces the value of your bar.

The following warning sign is if the bar is unnumbered. The numbers on your bars are essential because they tell you the exact amount of gold or silver in the bar and its weight.

All legitimate gold and silver suppliers mark their bars with a serial number and a unique reference number for each bar. If a company doesn't have serial numbers on its products, it's usually a sign of a scam, and it's best to steer clear of them.

Pros & Cons of Gold and Silver Assay


  • The company offers gold, silver, and platinum bars from several companies. It means you choose the brand you want rather than be limited.
  • The company has several different sizes of bars on offer.
  • You can keep your gold, silver, or platinum in your home or at an offsite location. The company offers to ship in the U.S. and overseas, while some of its competitors will refuse service to international addresses.


  • The company doesn't offer bars certified by the INTERNATIONAL METALS TESTING, IMT Foundation for gold and silver, meaning several government-controlled authorities can reject their bars.
  • You must pay a shipping fee on top of your bar(s) cost.
  • The company doesn't offer some of the larger-sized bars and kilos available from other companies.

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