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The Gables is a new company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. This company was founded by two men with a vision to bring back the original gold design long after being replaced with copper for over 500 years. The Gables coins are the first in what will become a line of coins and bars that will change how we think about currency as we know it.

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Who Owns Gables

Gables Coin Review

The Gables is owned and operated by two individuals, John Patterson and Zachary Marbut. John Patterson is the company's CEO and has over 20 years of experience in finance. He is also the owner of a hedge fund.

And Zachary Marbut is the CFO and has over 15 years of experience in investment banking. He also an attorney specializing in international corporate law.

The Gables coin is designed with a .999 pure 24 K gold core, and on the outer edge of the coin are 24K 0.999 pure gold rims that allow each coin to have a net. Of 9999 purity. This makes it truly one of a kind, being the only gold coin that meets this standard.

Experts have valued the Gold content of this one-ounce coin at over $1,800 alone. Additional experts have valued the gold in the rims at over $7,000. These two elements offer a high demand value from collectors and investors alike.

To revolutionize currency as we know, The Gables coin incorporates technology and a patented process that requires no money to manufacture. The coins are produced with a laser inscription process that creates the image on both sides of the coin. This allows for genuinely unmatched protection in the world of collectibles.

The Gables company has launched an ambitious plan to provide collectors with coins and facilitate interaction by hosting coin clubs and rewarding collectors for their participation. The Gables coin is indeed a new way to think about currency.

The Gables Coin is available in various quantities and is currently being sold through collectors themselves, with a few significant retailers expected to carry the coins in the next 2-3 months. The Gables Company has also announced that they plan on releasing more coins based on the design.

Gables Coin Review

Pros & Cons of Gables Coin


  • The Gables coin is one of a kind, with no other coin that has been made. The gold rims are valued at over $7,000. The gold core inside the Gables coin is valued at over $1,800.
  • This one-ounce coin is a collectible and can be traded for high value. Since there is a 24K core and gold rims surrounding the exterior of the coin, it has no real value to any other person or company that wants to melt it down. Because of this, the market value of the Gables coin will remain stable, unlike many other coins on the market.
  • The Gold content will be priced at a premium of over 1000% over the value of face value.
  • This is, without a doubt, the most secure way to store your wealth, making for a fantastic conversation piece as well.
  • The Gables company is creating a program that will reward collectors with coins once they purchase enough of the coin to qualify. Over time, the gold content of each coin will increase while the face value of the coins decreases.
  • As stated above, there are no rewards or bonuses offered by The Gables Company.


  • Only 2-3 significant retailers have agreed to sell this product. They won't provide any bonus for people who purchase bulk.
  • The Gold rims will limit the ability to be used as currency. However, they do not detract from the coin's overall value if used as a collectible.
  • The Gables coin will only be made in rounds.
  • Because of the high demand, they will not be manufactured constantly but released in batches. This sometimes makes them hard to come by.
  • The Gables coin is also very costly, as it is worth over $2000, even though its cost is only $650 per round.
  • Since a laser inscription process produces the Gables coin, there is no mint mark to the left of the T, and it acts as an additional identifier.
  • The Gold rims and Gold core will attract the attention of investors' attention, causing a spike in demand for gold.
  • Since The Gables coin is made with a laser inscription process, it does not have legal tender status but can be used as a collectible or investment.
  • This coin is a new concept bound to have some growing pains. As these coins are being distributed, we could see problems arise from uneducated investors and ultimately devalue the coin and its value, relegating it to a collector's item only.


Gables Coin Review

I rated the Gold content of the Gables at 4.5 since it is truly a one-of-a-kind item but comes with a higher price tag. It's possible that once the Gables brand gains more traction, it will it's worth this much, but as of now, it's still overpriced. I have also rated the rims at 4.5 as well due to their rarity and value, but it is still overpriced for their worth as a currency.

I would highly recommend the Gables coin over any other most popular coins on the market. Even though its cost is high, it's truly a one-of-a-kind item with inscriptions and gold rims surrounding the exterior of the coin, making its value more stable than other coins. If you are looking for a truly special collectible, I highly suggest you try to find some Gable coins around town.

Final Verdict

The Gables Coin is genuinely one of a kind. The design and technology make it incredibly difficult for anyone to replicate the design. Still, the concept of a piece of gold larger than any coin on the market has been changed forever. I highly recommend you check out this brand new product and find out what all the buzz is about.

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