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Bullion is a generic term for the coins minted and issued by the Government of a country from precious metals. They are always valued far more than their denomination and can be used as currency substitutes to make change for higher denominations. Executive Bullion Review is an independent precious metal investment company that distributes bullion worldwide.

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About Executive Bullion

Executive Bullion Review

Product Type

For this product type, the bullion market exists in the form of bars, coins, and ingots that are sold to a wholesaler who then sells them to a retailer who then sells them to the public. Bullion coins are already minted before they are bought by companies, who then package and sell them in bulk lots at a much lower price per unit weight than the face value of their weight.


Executive Bullion Review is owned and operated by Mr. Faber. He has over 15 years of experience in the precious metal investment industry and is considered a leading authority on bullion coins and the precious metal markets.

Executive Bullion Review


The website scored 4.5 out of 5 stars compared to other bullion coin sellers. This is considered a good rating and means that their website is excellent regarding product availability, specifications, price, shipping, and delivery. Executive Bullion Review is part of a network of affiliated websites that have received the same high ratings.

Payment Options

Executive Bullion Review accepts payments by major credit and debit cards, including visa and MasterCard. They also accept wire transfers and cash payments from their customers. Wire transfers are the preferred payment method because they can be processed immediately once the customer sends in the order and the funds are cleared. Cash payments are accepted on a limited basis and will be declined if their customer is not a client. Payment for orders paid for in cash is processed using a Money Order.


All prices are rounded up to the nearest 5 cents and are shipped to customers within 24 hours of an order being placed but will not start shipping until the next business day. If an order is placed at midnight, it will ship out the next business day at 9:30 am (est). Shipping occurs via UPS ground.

Executive Bullion Review


The company offers a full range of services involving precious metals, including private minting, bullion coins, numismatics, and currency. They also offer gold and silver certificates and a comprehensive coin grading service.


The company does not forge any gold or silver bullion coins. Still, it has certification services in its coin grading process, which allows its customers to certify the weight and purity of any precious metals they may purchase in large quantities.

Number of Employees

They have two full-time employees, but they frequently employ over 100 sales representatives throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. In addition, they have an international sales force that operates out of the UK and various other locations worldwide, including Australia and Asia.

Pros & Cons of Executive Bullion


  • Easy to navigate: The website is laid out in a straightforward, navigate manner. It does not overwhelm visitors with information on the home page. Instead, it allows customers to explore the site at their own pace and find a particular product they are interested in.
  • Extra information: The website provides much extra information customers need when purchasing gold, silver, or other precious metal products. This includes information about price quotes, descriptions of items, delivery and order specifications, and additional customer support information.
  • Reputation: This company has a long-standing reputation for being a leader in the bullion coin market. The owner has been involved in precious metal product sales for over 15 years and has an international sales force representing his company in over 25 countries worldwide. Customers can buy directly through the company's website and benefit from free shipping and immediate availability.
  • Easy to compare prices: There are several different product options available on their website, so customers can easily compare price quotes on products such as bars, coins, and different weight sizes of coins and bars.
  • Customer service: The company has a highly easy-to-use customer support system that provides information about the products from its website. They also have a toll-free phone number that customers can call and leave a voice mail message with questions or comments.
  • Prompt delivery: This company has professional delivery providers that will ship any order by UPS in as short of a time frame as possible, even if the order is placed during severe weather conditions and when other retailers are closed for business.
  • Easy to cancel orders: If a customer decides to cancel an order, they can place a stop on order at any time before it has been processed by the company into a shipping container and shipped out. This is an excellent feature because it prevents customers who have changed their minds about what they want or need from losing money on shipping fees if they change their minds after placing an order.
  • Meager transaction costs: Customers will benefit from paying little to no transaction cost to buy bullion items online from this seller and should keep in mind that most credit card companies and banks charge on average 1% per purchase.


  • Suppose orders are placed during certain times when customer service is closed. In that case, customers will either have to wait until the next business day or call customer service and leave a message when they are available again. Many companies offer 24/7 customer support, so this might be an issue for customers who need help now.
  • Customers will not be able to negotiate prices with the company because sending an email is the only way to receive a price quote. This can be a problem for customers who want to take advantage of the free shipping offer.
  • While this company offers a wide range of products, there are no photos of any items on the website. This makes it more difficult for customers who may need to see what the item looks like to decide to purchase it.
  • The website does not offer any information about how much commission is received by sales representatives or if any affiliate marketing program exists for new customers who want to join the business and start selling products for this company.

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