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Elemetal company is one of the USA's leading smelters and refiners of precious metals. They offer various services, including refining, manufacturing and bullion trading. Despite the global economy and falling prices of gold and silver in recent years, Elemetal company has maintained its growth by diversifying into other sectors, such as refining products other than gold or silver. 

  • Product: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Walter Luhrman
  • Overall Rating: 2.9/5

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About Elemetal 

Elemetal Review

Elemetal provides a wide range of products and services to the relevant market, such as precious metals refining and manufacturing. With over 40 years of experience in the field, Elemetal produces a wide range of products, including bars, coins, rounds, wafers and grains. Elemetal has its network spread across US cities with warehouses strategically located in each state. 

Smelters & Refiners 

Elemetal operates smelter facilities in Nevada, California and Texas. They also have a refinery located in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


Elemetal Review

Elemetal provides services such as Precious metals refining and manufacturing. Elemetal is known for its high-quality and reliable products and services, which customers highly demand.

Customers at Elemetal may have the option to purchase gold or silver bars during different time stages of their lives: pre-silver, silver and post-silver deaths.
Elemetal specializes in providing bars to customers at the time of their deaths. The company performs thorough background checks to ensure the beneficiary is who they say they are. 


Elemetal offers a wide range of products, from silver coins and rounds, gold bars, bullion coins and rounds to platinum products. They have many valuable gold and silver products with different designs and packaging options. 

Management to Stand Out the Best Company 

Elemetal Review

Elemetal provides a complete range of services to the market, which is why they are highly sought after by their customers. Elemetal offers a wide range of products and services, which is why you can be sure that the company will provide fast and efficient service to all its customers. 

Focus on Quality of Products 

Elemetal aims to satisfy its customers with high-quality products and reliable services. Their manufacturing process focuses on safety and customer satisfaction. They dedicate themselves to providing the best solutions for their customers. 

Features of Elemetal

Elemetal provides timely delivery of all their products, which is why their customers trust them. They have a large selection of rare precious metals, which buyers greatly appreciate. It has the following feature:

  • A wide selection of products, from silver and gold to platinum.
  • Widely recognized for its high ratings, reviews and feedback from its customers.
  • Delivering timely delivery of all the products Elemetal sells.
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1. Wide Selection of Precious Metals

Elemetal is known for its wide selection of precious metals, such as silver and gold, platinum and palladium. 

2. Fast Delivery

All products Elemetal sells are shipped within the day of the order. Customers can also get a tracking number to follow their purchase progress efficiently.

3. Excellent Customer Service

Elemetal provides the best customer service and is known for its excellent customer experience.

4. Secure Delivery

Elemetal ships all its products from the facilities nearest to its customers, ensuring that the products are not damaged while in transit.

5. High-Quality Product

The products Elemetal sells are of high quality and are highly appreciated by their customers due to their reliability and reliability.

6. Excellent Prices

Elemetal sells its products at more competitive prices than other companies, making it a great choice for customers looking for cheaper options.


1. Not A Lot of Information About the Company

The company does not have much information about its history and details about the management team. Their website is also quite vague, making it difficult to get more details about the company. However, they do provide clients with a contact number and email address which they can use to contact customer support if they have any concerns or questions. 

2. No Information About Their Smelters and Refineries

It is difficult to find out the location of Elemetal's smelters and refineries or even how many of them they have. 

3. Clients Cannot Buy Gold Coins Online

Elemetal do not provide the option to purchase gold coins online and may only be able to buy them in-store. It can be inconvenient for clients who are looking for more flexible options in terms of buying products.


1. What Types Of Precious Metals Does Elemetal Sell?

Elemetal only sells precious metals, namely silver and gold.

2. What Are The Shipping Options For Products Sold By Elemetal?

Clients may choose to have their products delivered by mail or courier. In the case of a courier, payment must be made upfront and delivered within 48 hours. In the case of mail, they make payment upon order placement and the schedule of the delivery is as soon as one business day after the completion of the payment process.

3. Are Products Sold By Elemetal's Insured?

All products Elemetal sells are insured. They also provide clients with a tracking number to see the transaction's progress.

4. Does Elemetal Have Any Insurance Coverage For Their Products?

No, however, they ensure the protection of all the shipments made by them.


What makes Elemetal stand out from other companies that offer smelters and refiners. It is because of their high-quality products and services that customers demand. The company specializes in precious metals and is proud to offer the best services as they have been doing since 1976.

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