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Gold has always been a precious asset whose glimmer and gleam caught the eye of the ancients. They may be credited for giving gold as a precious metal its status as an investment of great value.

To some investors gold may seem somewhat volatile in the short term; but, when it comes to value, it has held its own as a standard against downturns in currency values and is well placed as a hedge against inflation.

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Know Your Gold and Gold Managers

Any investment made always has the element of risk whether its stocks, bonds, annuities, mutuals, ETFs or even retirement investments. Yet, investing in gold has less risk than these other types of investments because it is reliably more durable and accessible.

When you know the value of gold and the types of gold supplies available, the next important step is to know your gold investment professionals.

Since the 1990s, most gold supplies have reached open markets as sales of gold bullion, and more recently gold bars.

Remember that gold is a mined precious metal and that gold companies such as Eldorado Gold Corporation warrants a full review of their business prospectus and potential. In this way, choosing a gold company to add gold to your investment portfolio reduces risk.

Introducing Eldorado Gold

Eldorado Gold Review

Eldorado Gold Corporation, founded in 1992, is a Canadian company that is a definite gold business to consider. In addition to mines in Canada (the Lamaque), Eldorado Gold owns and operates gold mines in Greece and Turkey (Kışladağ and Efemçukuru).

Eldorado Gold has a proven track record of a carefully designed plan of success for more than 25 years. In 2011, this company merged with European Goldfields and has pursued the development of three mines in Greece:

  • The Stratoni mine
  • The Olympias mine
  • The Skouries mine

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Eldorado Gold employs over 4300 highly educated and trained employees.

More importantly to prospective clients is that Eldorado Gold has a revenue of $617.8 (USD) and 4,168 billion (USD) reported in 2019. Eldorado Gold is listed on the Toronto and NY Stock Exchanges.

Eldorado Gold - Visionaries

Eldorado Gold Review

A review of Eldorado Gold Corporation clearly shows the company places great importance on combining vision and value within the business structure and strategy.

Unlike many of its competitors, Eldorado Gold created a strategy befitting gold as an investment for the long term. Investors can consider this type of strategy a good hedge against inflation and yet, less risk from downturns in currency.

Notable Recommendations

Ideally, Eldorado Gold's strategy has resulted in a stellar achievement of its goals. Value investors use a key metric such as PE (Price to Earnings)ratio. To further explain PE ratio, it represents the amount investors are willing to pay per dollar of earnings in a given stock.

PE is one of the most popular financial ratios world wide. For best PE ratio use, compare a stock's current price with its past price and then compare that to the average for the industry or business sector as a whole.

With this methodology, Eldorado Gold had a trailing twelve months PE ratio of 16.5 according to a NASDAQ report of December 2020.

Eldorado Gold Corporation - Person to Person

Eldorado Gold Review

To illustrate how important the implementation of Eldorado Gold strategy is and how it has affected its public image, the company's Executive Board adopted the "Shareholder Engagement Policy." This policy describes how shareholders can communicate directly with the Board on governance and other matters.

This one of a kind policy customizes the relationship between Eldorado Gold and its shareholders that brings a certain sense of shareholder confidence and trust. Confidence and trust are the foundation of the Eldorado strategy that are so necessary to the future of precious metal investing.

Forward, Onward and Upward

If there is an unspoken element in the Eldorado strategy, it is the motivation to help investors and shareholders see clearly the direction the company plans for forward movement, onward exploration and upward achievement of goals.

Financial Risks and De-Risk

Eldorado Gold Review

With trade battles with China and vulnerability of oil from the Middle East, investors grow ever more skittish about the status of their investment portfolio.

As a well recognized global investor, Chuck de Lardemelle of International Value Advisors, interviewed recently on the TV program, "Wealth Track" explained why gold is an important way to de-risk investing. As he stated, investing in gold is a way of winning in a higher risk market.

Thus, Eldorado Gold Corporation offers a more providential opportunity to savor a less risky investment in gold that is a moderately proactive and effectively timely. One might come to the conclusion that Eldorado Gold Corporation "has a new handle" on the science of investing in gold.

Invest in Haste, Repent at Leisure

It is well known that investing in anything in haste can result in a sadder but wiser investor who repents at leisure. Investing with Eldorado Gold is investing slowly but surely.

The Eldorado Gold Company Basic Structure

Compliance as a publicly traded company is part and parcel of reliance on an ethical company structure. As such, Eldorado Gold Corporation prides itself on compliance with Canadian and US disclosure standards as well as corporate governance.

Further information on disclosure standards and corporate governance can be reviewed and downloaded at: Guidence

Additional Eldorado Gold Policies

Eldorado Gold Review

Aside from their important corporate investment policies, Eldorado Gold Corporation emphasizes its desire to maintain additional policies that include:

  • Human Rights
  • Environmental
  • Anti Bribery and Anti Corruption
  • Health and Safety
  • Social Performance

Ethical Company Pedigree

In order to inspire trust among all investors, Eldorado Gold Corporations has no reservations about dispelling concerns about insider trading.

This is why the company provides this policy regarding insider trading:

"Insiders (Officers, Directors and Employees of the Company) are prohibited from purchasing or selling the Company’s securities (or related financial instruments) while having access to undisclosed Material Information about the Company. Insiders are also prohibited from informing other persons of any undisclosed Material Information about the Company."

A more detailed account of this policy can be found at: Policy

Eldorado Gold Review - Conclusion

When a business extends such transparency to shareholders and investors, Eldorado Gold deserves the confidence and trust it has earned. It's easy to see why Eldorado Gold can be a worthwhile addition to a portfolio.

Through constant vigilance and endeavoring to reduce risk coupled with an expert staff of professionals, an ever expanding global reach and ability to adapt to sudden market changes, Eldorado Gold offers a unique opportunity to invest in gold with optimal assurance of greater value for ROI.

Precious metals like gold will always be an excellent choice for the most discerning investors. Eldorado Gold is today's premier choice that meets the needs of gold investors as an industry leader that bears a patina of deep rooted ideals of gold value for valued investors.

It's always a feeling of safety when gold is part of your portfolio. With the various gold products available today, it was seem judicious to discover how to increase your financial security and thereby, your wealth when Eldorado Gold professionals can advise on your best path forward. This is the reason it has been given a five star review by the most comprehensive review sites.

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