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Dave Peter is the owner of Coinhuskers. The Omaha, NE company was started in 2013 and has been providing buying, selling, and trading services for coins, in addition to education and training.

In Dave's words: "Coinhuskers is a family-owned company that started as a passion project." What's interesting is that this could be the case of your small business dreams becoming a reality.

The company specializes in buying and selling precious metals, coins, and currency.

Coinhuskers also buys and sells rare coins, jewelry, palladium, platinum, copper, currency (including foreign currency), and diamonds.

The Omaha-based company has had its fair share of ups and downs in business since its inception. The company experienced many sales, and its fleet of Coinhuskers trucks was a target for thieves.

The company has recently expanded to offer services such as coin grading, appraisals, safe deposit boxes, and paper money storage.

Coinhuskers offers coin and currency classes in which customers learn about buying, selling, and trading collectible items. They also offer personalized learning services for those who have difficulty understanding the complexities of these transactions.

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Coinhuskers Review

In my experience, Coinhuskers has been a trustworthy dealer in my experience of buying and selling precious metals back and forth with them. On their website, they explain how they determine prices for their products depending on the metal's current spot price. It is clear to me that the company must maintain a profit to keep operating, and I am aware that they take a risk whenever they purchase metals with the intention of reselling them. It was a pleasure to do business with them.

Michael. S. Omaha, NE

The best company I have ever dealt with. Excellent customer service and very reasonable prices.

Linda Kaetyln Chicago, IL

Fast shipping and more than excellent communication! I have done several transactions with this guy. Great professional!!! I RECOMMEND!! A+

Adriano Pereira

The personnel here are kind and want to satisfy your requirements in any way possible. They assist you in determining what it is that you are searching for and what seems to be the most appealing option. There is a large selection of alternatives available, and the cost of these options is pretty affordable. They are also speedy, which means that you will be able to receive what you want in a timely manner! Let's emphasize once more how wonderful the kindness of the personnel is since they deserve it. Many thanks for the Center Trophy!

Rodriguez Arianne, Papillion, Omaha, NE

I had some rare coins in my house. I never knew how much they could fetch until after I visited Coinhuskers. The staff there were accommodating! They helped me get a reasonable price for my coins and were very knowledgeable in their business. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone!

Kristen. C.San Francisco, CA

I have been dealing with Coinhuskers for some time now. The staff here are knowledgeable, helpful, and sincere regarding your needs. They aim to satisfy you in any way they can, and they have the capacity to do so by providing you with all the information that you will need to make an informed decision about what you want and need. They are friendly and cooperative, so I will continue doing business with them.

Paula B. Orem, Utah

If you have or need coins, Coinhuskers is the place to be. They have a superb selection of coins, and the customer service is outstanding. The personnel at Coinhuskers have been very helpful in getting me the right coin at the right price, and I would recommend them to anyone!

Janet. M. Omaha, NE

Coinhuskers is precisely the kind of business that makes this city great. They can take care of all your precious metal needs professionally while being straightforward and honest throughout the whole process.

Halo. A. Omaha, NE

My wife and I had some quick financial needs. We visited Coinhuskers with some of our old jewelry and coins. The shop staff was helpful, friendly, and eager to get to know you enough to assist you in any way they could.

Marco. B. Omaha, NE

My family and I visited Coinhuskers after a good fight with our financial institution over our credit score, which resulted in us being denied credit card use. The staff at Coinhuskers were accommodating and sweet, and they were very open in helping us understand what we had to do and explained the process clearly. Anyone visiting this shop will be delighted with their services.

Shelly. R. Omaha, NE

I was looking for a good loan company to help me get a car loan, and they solved all my problems in no time! The staff here is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful, which means you can expect speedy service. They helped me with the loan application procedure, which led to me getting the best rate for my car payment and other terms of the loan.

Chantelle. A. Omaha, NE

Pros & Cons of Coinhuskers

The company has some of its benefits and disadvantages too.


  • Quick service.
  • Fair buying and selling price.
  • Friendly personnel.
  • Honest and reliable Pricing.


  • Customer service is not as phenomenal as some of the other companies out there.
  • Not very close to you (but they have a good website).
  • Prices are not always steady.
  • You might need to wait a little longer before being attended to.


The article and customer feedback show that Coinhuskers is a highly reliable company. Whether you're looking for a rare coin or an ordinary piece of jewelry, they will be able to provide you with all the information that you need and assist you in making an informed decision about what it is that you want. In review, I would recommend this company to anyone because they are a trustworthy and reputable company that will not disappoint you with their services!

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