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Carolina Coins and Gold is an authorized dealer and a certified company in the numismatic industry such as PCGS and NGC. They are a member of the Certified Coin Exchange (CCE) as a part of the most inclusive coin dealer network with limitless inventories.

The company offers a unique buying and selling experience by striving to provide the best professional customer service in a comfortable, elegant setting. Carolina Coins and Gold are committed to exceeding the expectation of clients by offering the best possible solution for numismatic needs.

Their retail shop is conveniently located in the beautiful town of Aberdeen, adjacent to the Aberdeen police department and National Finance Company.

The company commenced as coin collectors, and aiding other collectors became a rewarding experience. In 1990, the company began as a full-time coin dealer. It grew from a father-and-son penny collector company to a certified dealer in silver and gold, jewelry, artifacts, world coins, and currency.

Carolina Coins & Gold

The organization is a family-owned business with more than 70 years of combined experience, focusing on providing a personalized experience. Carolina Coins and Gold is a strong buyer of Rolex watches, platinum and silver bullion, gold, rare paper money, NGC and PCGS, and United State Coins. Their expertise covers rare numismatic coins and precious metals bullion products enabling them to often pay significantly more for various coins than other gold buyers.

Carolina Coins and Gold Company minimize its overhead expenses because they own its building. Their customers are happy to report that they offer the best variety and pay more than the competition.

Thanks to their dedication to providing excellent customer service, their expertise, and our high-quality products, they have grown our business to be one that surpasses what individuals will find anywhere else.

They provide professional appraisal and estate services to both private institutions and individuals.

  • Product: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Gold, Coins, and Jewelry
  • Overall Rating: 5.0/5

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Products That Carolina Coin and Gold Deals With

Carolina Coins & Gold

The company specializes in rare world coins comprising Latin and Central American coins. They provide appraisals and actively buy silver and gold bullion, currency, and world coins.
Lloyds of London ensures their transactions by handling the highest-grade and rarest coins.

Gold coins often carry a more significant premium due to their status as legal tender and the fact that they are produced in respected Mints. Several coins are available in fractional sizes, depending on where they were produced, in addition to the standard and most popular one-ounce increment. Carolina Coins and Gold provides investors and collectors to get a precious item that will always be valued in the international market.

They are one of the outstanding buyers and appraisers of extensive estate coin collections worldwide. They have the knowledge and experience to evaluate accurately, price, and collection. Since they are dual-purpose metals, they offer the highest rates for platinum coins for both investment and industrial purposes. They offer competitive rates in the market for individuals looking to sell gold coins.

They are a top coin dealer, gold buyer, and jewelry seller since they offer their sell to buyers at a fair price for gold, silver, platinum, rare coins, jewelry, stamps, or other antiquities. They assist individuals in buying and selling their gold and silver coins, jewelry, and other valuables whether you reside in or around Winston-Salem, North Carolina, or nearby areas. Carolina Coins and Gold buys diamonds to give individuals the best price for their goods.

Pros & Cons of Carolina Coins & Gold


  • Affordability- they offer affordable coin investments compared to other forms of investment.
  • Favorable tax treatment- individuals will not have to pay capital gains taxes on their collections.
  • Liquidity of coin investments- clients found buyers easily since the demand for rare coins is high.


  • Gold investment requires security and insurance.
  • The gold investment returns offered may fail to be higher.
  • It is not easy to transact for individuals when they have invested in gold.

Take Away

Carolina Coin and gold is an antiquities, currency, and rare coins expert. They have more than 20 years of experience leading to them building a reputation for honesty. They buy, sell, trade value items, and offer trusted appraisals.

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