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Have you been thinking of making decisions about investing to secure your money goals? Have you heard that investing in rare coins such as United States Coins and gold is very lucrative with awesome returns?

If so, you will probably come across Bunkerhill Rare Coin while searching for an investment company to help you acquire the rare coins.

But before putting your hard-earned money for investment with Bunkerhill, you've got to ask yourself these questions; Is Bunkerhill Rare coin good for you?

Are you happy with the products and services they provide? What are the reviews of other clients who have worked with Bunkerhill Rare Coin?

Did the customers have a good experience with BunkerHill Rare coins?

To help you decide whether to do business with Bunker Hill Rare Coin, we will look closely at these questions.

  • Product: United States Coins
  • Gold Coins
  • Dollars
  • Territorial Issues
  • Owner: William Luedde
  • Rating: 3.0/5

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About Bunkerhill's Rare Coins

Bunkerhill Rare Coin Review

Founded in 1988 by a small group of friends and collectors sharing the same passion, BunkerHill rare coins was born in a small bedroom on Mystic Street in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

With time, their operations intensified, and they moved, opening offices to serve their clients well. Investors from around the globe and the U.S.A. trust Bunkerhill Rare Coint to handle their business.

Bunkerhill has a team of well-experienced coin collectors who acquire the most valuable and sought-after significant United States coins with their knowledge and connections.

From their website, I have noted that they work closely with customers from all budget levels to ensure you get the most out of the rare coin business.

Be its return on investment, a hobby of seeing rare coins, or both, Bunkerhill's rare coin is right for you.

The company headquarters are located on: 85 Devonshire St. Suite 200; Boston, Massachusetts, 02109; United States of America

They offer fully-fledged retail services on rare coins in their company.
We understand investment in the rare coins space is something new, and that's why Bunkerhill Rare company is happy to educate and guide you through the stages of this investment.


Bunkerhill Rare Coin Review

United States Coins

Investing in these types of currencies in the U.S.A. is valuable. These coins would not only yield a high return, but you would also be able to touch and feel them while learning about their history.

Some of the coins that Bunker hill deals with include:

  • 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar
  • 1870 S Seated Liberty Dollar
  • 1927 D St Gaudens Double Eagle and
  • 1838 O Capped Bust Half Dollar

Gold Coins

Among the many precious metals that most investors wish to have is gold. It is rare, easy to liquidate, and does not fall into inflation fluctuations. If you'd wish to invest in gold coins, here are options you can choose from with Bunkerhill.

  • American Eagle gold coins
  • Gold liberty head coins
  • Indian gold head coins and
  • American Buffalo gold coins.

Storage and Delivery

Bunkerhill rare coins offer secure storage for its valuable assets in many locations. Both allocated and unallocated storage options are available to meet your individual needs and budget.

An IRA-approved depository will store rare coins that are purchased for an I.R.A. So there will be no worries about losing your investment.

Is There Anything to Watch Out For?

Bunkerhill Rare Coin Review

Taking a couple of hours to view a company's reviews is very important before making that bold step of investing with them. This data could be how they handle their clients, the quality of their goods, and available support.

You can also check out their reviews from other reputable sites like

  • Trust pilot
  • Better Business Bureau and
  • Business Consumer Alliance

Having fewer reviews is a sign that it's a riskier company for you to do business with.

Is Bunkerhill Rare Coin a Scam?

No, Bunkerhill Rare coin is not a scam. It is legitimate and has a physical address in Boston, Massachusetts. It is very unlikely that they would have survived for over three decades since its inception without being noticed as illegal.

However, there are a few reasons not to invest with them. Here they are:

  • Despite being in business since 1988, they've got fewer reviews which is very questioning for a company of their age.
  • Their website lacks a live chat feature.
  • They don't mention offering I.R.A. services to their clients on their website.
  • And lastly, some features on their website are unfunctional, e.g., the how to buy button and U.S. coins.

Pros & Cons of Bunkerhill Rare Coin


  • You can invest in Gold coins, U.S.A. coins, and dollars.
  • Secure storage option available.
  • Educate you through customers' journey and investment in rare coins.


  • Fewer reviews from previous clients.
  • The website lacks live chat for communication.
  • Don't offer I.R.A. services.

Final Take

If you are thinking of purchasing rare coins, we would recommend choosing a different investment company. Bunkerhill Rare coin doesn't show us enough customer reviews to give us the confidence to do business with them.

Fortunately, we've got a ton of other companies with lots of reviews that you can invest with. Just do your research well, and you'll be fine.

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