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Are you looking for a business that buys precious metals? Have you considered precious metals as an investment for your future? Ever thought about Beatrice Gold & Silver? Perhaps you are wondering how a business like this can be trusted with your precious metal. This article will help you understand Beatrice Gold & Silver and how they can assist you in your investment efforts.

  • Product: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Jeff Jackson
  • Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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About Beatrice Gold & Silver

Beatrice Gold & Silver

Beatrice Gold & Silver is a family-owned and operated business that purchases precious metals, including gold, silver, fine vintage, and antique jewelry. This company has been serving customers interested in selling or investing in precious metals since 2012 and maintains a professional and courteous staff that's dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and support.

Beatrice Gold & Silver is proud of its sterling reputation. The company serves customers in all fifty states and internationally. Customers interested in selling their precious metals to Beatrice Gold & Silver find the company's prices fair and consistent.

Beatrice Gold & Silver sells certified coins graded by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) and Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). The company is proud to carry a wide selection of coins and works closely with customers to find the best selections for their collections.

Beatrice Gold & Silver is centrally located within the United States in Nebraska. This allows them to deliver their packages within one business day to nearly everywhere in the United States. The company also offers a 14-day no-hassle return policy on all items. If you are not happy with your item for any valid reason, you can let them know, and they will send you a pre-paid shipping label through eBay to return it for a full refund.

Beatrice Gold & Silver accepts payment via cash, check, and credit card payments. The company strives to maintain a balance between speed, service, and pricing. They offer customers the ability to purchase online or over the phone. They do their best to make each transaction as easy as possible for the customer.

Their offices are open Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Mountain Time. However, they are closed on weekends and holidays.

Beatrice Gold & Silver Products

Beatrice Gold & Silver has a wide variety of precious metal items, and they buy all types of precious metals. The following are some of the items they offer and buy.

U.S. Coins

Beatrice Gold & Silver

Beatrice Gold & Silver buys and sells all U.S. coins, including rare and precious coins. They are the right company to contact if you want to sell precious coins at a good price. They maintain a wide selection of coins, which include:

  • Half Cents
  • Large Cents
  • Small Cents
  • Two & Three-Cent Pieces
  • Nickel Five-Cent Pieces
  • Half Dimes
  • Dimes
  • Quarter Dollars
  • Half Dollars
  • Dollars


Beatrice Gold & Silver

Gold is an essential part of many people's retirement portfolios. Physical gold is still a viable investment option, and Beatrice Gold & Silver is ranked as one of the top bullion dealers in the United States and internationally. They offer a wide selection of gold in all sizes, weights, colors, and forms. These include:

  • American Gold Eagles (one ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce, tenth-ounce)
  • South African Krugerrands (one ounce)
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leafs (one ounce)


Beatrice Gold & Silver

Silver has been a favorite among investors for many years and remains an excellent investment option. Silver typically performs well during economic downturns when paper money values suffer. Beatrice Gold & Silver is a great company to consider if you want to invest in silver.

The following are some of the silver items they offer:

  • American Silver Eagles
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leafs
  • 90% Junk Silver

Graded Coins

Beatrice Gold & Silver

Beatrice Gold & Silver offers a great selection of certified coins that have been graded by NGC and PCGS. They have a wide selection of coins from all decades of U.S. coin history. Their selection includes:

  • Barber Dimes
  • Barber Quarters
  • Barber Half Dollars
  • Barber Dollars
  • Indian Head Pennies
  • Jefferson Nickels
  • Lincoln Cents
  • Mercury Dimes
  • Roosevelt Dimes
  • Washington Quarters
  • Walking Liberty Half Dollars
  • Morgan Silver Dollars

Storage and Delivery

Beatrice Gold & Silver

Beatrice Gold & Silver delivers its precious metal products to customers within one business day nearly everywhere in the United States. The company uses insured, secure packaging and shipping methods to ensure their products arrive at your location safely.

Beatrice Gold & Silver also offers secure storage for precious metals purchased from them at their state-of-the-art storage facility in Beatrice, Nebraska. They also have access to a network of quality storage facilities across the United States.

Resources for Investors

If you are interested in investing in precious metals and want to learn more about this kind of investment, you can reach out to Beatrice Gold & Silver. Beatrice Gold & Silver offers educational resources to help you get started. Some of the resources they offer include:

  • A blog dedicated to precious metal investing.
  • Advice for beginners and advanced investors.
  • Information about buying gold and silver for retirement.

Does Beatrice Gold & Silver Have Red Flags?

Beatrice Gold & Silver

Beatrice Gold & Silver has been a shining example of a trustworthy and reliable precious metal company since 2012. Their professionalism, reputation, and impeccable track record have helped them steadily grow since they opened their doors. They maintain a reasonable price point, a factor most people consider when investing in precious metals.

Is Beatrice Gold & Silver a Scam?

Beatrice Gold & Silver is a trustworthy precious metal dealer with a fantastic track record and an excellent online reputation. The company has been acclaimed by the BBB and has an A+ rating. The company also has over 200 reviews on eBay, with an outstanding 5-star rating.

Pros & Cons of Beatrice Gold & Silver


  • A wide selection of gold and silver coins.
  • They have an insured, secure shipping method.
  • 14-day no-hassle return policy for all items purchased.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Compliance with state, federal, and international laws.
  • Certified by NGC and PCGS.


  • Their website lacks the live-chat feature.
  • There are limited reviews online about Beatrice Gold & Silver.
  • There is not enough information about the process of their gold storage.

Final Verdict

Beatrice Gold & Silver is a fantastic choice for investors who want to invest in precious metals. Their prices are very competitive, and the way they operate is far superior compared to most companies in the precious metal industry. They are also an established company with an excellent reputation.

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