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Apoth coins are a new and upcoming cryptocurrency designed to provide secure and reliable banking services for all members of society, regardless of their economic situation, who wish to access financial services. It recognizes the importance of financial inclusion on an international scale. The currency's vision is to make banking easy, accessible, and affordable.

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  • Owner: Thomas Wood
  • Overall Rating: 4.3/5

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Apoth Coins Review

Pros & Cons of Apoth Coins


Fast and Convenient Payment Service

The Apoth Coins network will utilize the existing infrastructure of banks, ATMs, POS machines, and other devices to provide its customers with a fast and reliable payment service. An essential aspect of this is that the Apoth Coins network will not act as a threat to existing banks, as users will be able to make transactions with only their Apoth Coins account number without having to go through the hassle of withdrawing cash or immediately converting it into usable fiat currency at a bank.

Secure, Fast and Anonymous Digital Transactions

With a security system consisting of private keys and advanced technology, users can send or receive funds at any time without the need to worry that the transaction will be lost. The Apoth Coins network is also completely secure, employing military-grade encryption with multiple layers. In addition, the currency is also highly resistant to fraud which can come from malicious hackers, identity thieves, or even government agencies.

Transaction History and Balance Tracking

Apoth Coins will act as an all-in-one type of wallet that provides users with information on their account balance and transaction history. It will provide them with a way to track the progress and status of their transactions, which is essential to know whether or not a transaction was successful. It is also beneficial for things such as keeping track of spending habits or checking past transaction histories for refund purposes.

A Currency That Is Equal and Accessible to Everyone

Apoth Coins recognize the importance of financial inclusion and have designed a cryptocurrency that will be available and open to all individuals. It recognizes that not everyone has the same amount of resources or a say in how banks work. Because of this, Apoth Coins aims to create something that will be available to everyone, regardless of their economic situation.

Compliance With Regulatory Standards

Apoth Coins follow the rules set by the financial regulators regarding reporting and record-keeping. As such, the currency will not require special permissions to trade and make transactions, as it will be completely transparent. Users can trust that they will be able to transact easily without worrying about being scammed or hacked, as they are not required to provide any personal information whatsoever.

Quick and Easy Account Creation

Apoth Coins aim to make the account creation process as simple and fast as possible. As such, users can open an account in just a few minutes through a quick registration form or by verifying their emails with a phone number for additional security. Once the account is created, it will immediately be available for transactions and purchases.


Lack of Experience in the Field

The Apoth Coins team is still relatively new to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry and has yet to build enough experience in its field. As such, they will have to ensure that they draw on the resources of experts in the financial sector and make use of their skills.

User Verification Checks

Apoth Coins will require users to provide information such as their Social Security Number, a scan of their photo ID card, address, or proof of residency before they can open an account. This drawback can be a hassle for people who want to create an account but do not want to provide such information.

Banking the Unbanked

There is currently no date for the Apoth Coins network to be fully operable and available for use. As such, users may have to wait before using the currency and making transactions on products or services.

Concerns Over the Security of the Network

There are a few concerns regarding the security of the Apoth Coins network. Some were even concerned that hackers could steal funds from the network by masquerading as users. They can do this through social engineering, which involves sending emails that query users' account information and passwords.

Final Verdict

Apoth Coins is a cryptocurrency that aims to provide users with a secure payment system that is both quick and convenient. In addition, the currency will be available to not only accredited investors but also those who are unbanked and those who cannot access or use the services of traditional banks. In addition, the Apoth Coins network will be easy and quick to create an account on as there is no need for complicated verification procedures or paperwork.

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