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American Precious metals is a company that sells a whole bunch of different precious metals, but they're mostly known for their gold and Silver. They sell items like bullion coins, bars, rounds, and even coin sets.

American Precious Metals offers more than just your standard gold or silver bullion bars. They also provide coins, just like metal coins but are made of Gold or Silver.

These coins are around $3.54 each. They come from Canada, the USA, and other countries. The American Precious Metals company offers a wide array of products for both new and seasoned collectors.

American Precious Metals also offers bars that are of a troy ounce. One can sell Troy ounces to dealers, or they can store them at home. The Company provides an assortment of different bars. Some bars are of gold, others have platinum, and some even include a small amount of Silver.

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About American Precious Metals

American Precious Metals Review


The coins that American Precious Metals sells come in wide different varieties; they include;

  • Silver Canadian maple leaf
  • Australian Kookaburra
  • American Liberty Coin
  • American Gold Buffalo Coin
  • American Gold Eagle Coin
  • Canadian gold maple leaf
  • Austrian philharmonic coin
  • Belgian francs
  • British sovereigns
  • Canadian lions shield
  • Canadian maple leaf

American Precious Metals also offers a variety of bars made up of different metals that range from 1 oz. to 10 oz. to 100 oz. Bars of Silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. American Precious Metals offers all their bullion, as well as various items in a set, commonly referred to as a "kit."

Prices vary from item to item, depending on the type of product that you get from American Precious metals. The cost of a product may change depending on the quality, amount, and value.

American Precious Metals offers another product that was not available in the past. That is coin sets of all sorts, ranging from $100 coins to $2,000 coins.

The staff at American Precious Metals are experts in precious metals, and they go above and beyond to help you find what you need. The Bullion Vault service will store your items in a secure steel vault.

American Precious Metals is a great company that has covered you with whatever precious metal you want to buy or sell. Their prices are very competitive, and they have a vast inventory, so you can be sure they have what you need. The American Precious Metals website is straightforward to navigate, and its prices are displayed on the website for you to see at all times.

American Precious Metals Review


The founder of American Precious metals was Jerry Williams in 1994 American Precious Metals Inc owns American Precious Metals.


The current CEO of American Precious metals is Charles McAllister. The previous CEO was Jerry Williams. Charles McAllister, the current CEO, is an experienced businessman who has taken the Company to great heights over the past few years.

Company Information

American Precious Metals Company was founded in 1994 in Los Angeles, California. Initially, it was created by GMMB (Goldman Marni Meyer & Company) and Golden Sabre NEXN. Together the two companies formed a corporation called American Precious Metals Inc.

American Precious metals were created at the same time that the price of precious metals rose in 1994. The Company had and is still having a lot of success in the precious metal industry. It has become one of the top companies to fill the demand for precious metals in the market.

The headquarters for American Precious metals is located at 6807 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 200 Los Angeles, CA 90048.

American Precious Metals is located in Los Angeles, California, and they have a lot of success there due to the influx of business they get from California. American Precious metals offer a variety of precious metals, but they are mostly known for their gold and Silver.

American Precious metals have over 200 employees and 3 locations in Los Angeles, CA.

American Precious Metals Incorporated has over 1 million customers and is also a member of different organizations like:

  • US Chamber of Commerce
  • California Secretary of State
  • United States Depp troller -Treasurer of the United States
  • Goldman Marni Meyer & Company
American Precious Metals Review

Company Rating

Company Rating: 4/5. Customers and clients rate the Company. One client said, "I've been a customer of American Precious Metals for years, and I have always enjoyed doing business with them.”Another client said, "They offer a variety of products, including the popular American Gold Eagle coin."

Available Products: Coin Sets, Bars, Rounds, Jewelry, and Bullion Coins.
American Precious Metals Incorporated offers many different products in the form of bullion, coin sets, or bars.

Their clients highly rate American Precious since its prices are low and it offers a variety of products. American Precious Metals Incorporated is a company whose prices are fair for what they offer. The products offered are cheap, therefore making them affordable to everyone.

Pros & Cons of American Precious Metals


  • Have a variety of products to choose from.
  • A lot of money is put into advertising and client satisfaction.
  • Have a wide variety of bullion coins.
  • Provide services worldwide (America-Canada; Canada, United States; etc.).
  • They offer a free storage service, free insurance.
  • They are active on social media like Facebook and Twitter and can be reached easily.
  • Good customer service.
  • Future of the Company: The Company is doing well in the precious metals industry, and it is expected to continue to do well for years to come.


  • There is no actual physical company location. You can only contact them via phone or email.
  • They may have a variety of products, but they don't have every single product available in the market (like they don't sell silver bars that are in the form of a horseshoe).
  • American Precious Metals has a bad reputation with the Better Business Bureau.
  • They have negative reviews regarding the package and some missing products.
  • The prices of some products may be too high for some customers.
  • There are no refunds for products that you don't like.


American Precious Metals Incorporated has been featured on Youtube as a reputable company well-known worldwide.

They featured on many popular Youtube channels, like James and Mr. G (Youtube Channel), and companies like Bloomberg.com, Forbes.com, USAToday.com, and The Wall Street Journal, among others.

American Precious Metals Company has continued to grow since 1994 when it opened its business doors. They have evolved into a very reputable company in the precious metal industry.

American Precious metals is a company with many different kinds of products that can suit everyone's needs.

American Precious metals is a company that is highly known, and you can tell by the number of details they put into their business and the amount of marketing they do.

For anyone willing to invest in a precious metals investment, American Precious metals are the Company to consider. The main goal at American Precious Metals is to ensure clients get the best product with no problems and to be satisfied 100% with the products they buy.

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