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If you want to buy precious metals such as rare coins, gold, or silver from any organization, it is essential that you first learn everything you can about it before proceeding to transact with them.

American Federal Rare Coin and Bullion is a precious metals company specializing in buying and selling rare coins with over 40 years of experience serving investors.

It was founded in 1985 by Nick Grovich, who has run and operated the business since then and has been a skilled coin dealer since 1980.

The company is a registered member of several associations and cooperations, including the American Numismatic Association, the Texas Numismatic Association, the Inc.,

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, and the Numismatic Consumer Alliance, and the Inc., Professional Numismatists Guild and Industry Council for Tangible Assets. With a product catalog of tens of rare coins and bullion to choose from, American Federal Rare Coins & Bullion provides diversity to its clients. Whether you are a dedicated coin collector or just looking to diversify your financial portfolio, the American federal Rare Coins & Bullion will have something for you.

You may buy Canadian Maple Leafs, Gold Eagles, Krugerrands, Silver Eagles, Gold Buffalos, and many other coins.

They also sell Platinum and Palladium bullion and assist clients in obtaining the information and knowledge they require to make a sound investment in their coins. They are known to give exceptional service to their clients and collectors, having over 35 years of experience trading coins and bullions.

They also provide appraisals for clients who have a rare coin or a collection of coins they want to learn more about.

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How Do You Get Started With American Federal Rare Coins & Bullion?

American Federal Coin and Bullion

There are two main ways that you can use to purchase products from American Federal Rare Coins & Bullion.

First, you can choose to give them a call and begin your transaction. Visit their site to view contacts. Secondly, you can also make your account on their website and buy products through their e-commerce webpage.

American Federal Rare Coins & Bullion provides other services besides buying and selling rare coins and bullion. These services include:

Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC) Verification

The value of most coins is largely determined by the grade assigned by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation or Professional Coin Grading Service. However, not all coins with the same grade should be treated the same.

Many people overlook the importance of extra "eye appeal." That is why two coins of the same grade can command such disparities in value.

Since they hold coins to a higher level, buyers value Certified Acceptance Corporation, certifying previously graded coins that are deemed the greatest for the grade. A coin with a CAC label is regarded as the best specimen of that grade. That is where the American Federal Rare Coins & Bullion come in.

They are one of only two authorized CAC dealers in the entire state of Arizona and the lone authorized dealer in the Metro Phoenix area. They play an essential role in determining whether your coins should be CAC verified or not to ensure you get maximum value out of your coins. Rare coins can increase in value by up to 200% once they are CAC verified.

Coin Performance Review

American Federal Coin and Bullion

For many coin collectors, owners, and dealers, transporting rare coins to various sites all over town – or even to distant places – is just part of the job, which can come with some risks, such as losing the coins.

If you want your collection appraised, you must travel to the inspectors' location, even if it is inconvenient. American Federal makes life much easier because they regularly travel throughout the United States to perform the crucial procedure of assessing clients' rare coins.

The company's president, Nick Grovich, and several other professionals travel for more than half the year only to perform in-person inspections. That's not all, though. America Federal Rare Coins & Bullion team will not simply visit your town. They'll come to you to examine any of your philatelic and semi-numismatic assets, including rare coins and bullion, at your convenience.

It might be your house, attorney's, accountant's, or any other location. There's no reason ever to be concerned about taking your collection out of its safekeeping to have it appraised by a professional.

At the end of the consultation, you will have gained knowledge on:

  • An expert opinion on the value of your coins.
  • How to transfer your collection into an asset with a higher rate of return if it's poorly performing.
  • Ability to make the best judgment possible for each coin in your collection.
  • How to get the most money out of your coins by selling them.

Precious Metals Individual Retirement Accounts

Individual retirement accounts, self-directed IRAs, provide their owners unlimited discretion over their investments.

Unlike other IRAs, a self-directed IRA allows you to invest in anything you want, not just stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. Alternative assets such as rare coins, silver,
gold, platinum, palladium, and other bullions can be beneficial.

Self-directed IRAs have several benefits, which include:

  • They allow assets to be distributed to successors after the owner's death with minimal or no tax consequences.
  • Precious metals are a terrific way to supplement your total collection, and it's well accepted that they can help you avoid risk during market volatility and inflation.
  • Under federal bankruptcy laws, self-directed IRAs are protected.

America Federal Rare Coin & Bullion allows each individual to have several IRA accounts. Regardless of the number of IRAs, the total annual contribution remains at the same limit. The value of any gold, silver, platinum, and palladium you contribute is factored into this total.
When your precious metals arrive at the depository, they are fully insured. The company is wholly insured in the unlikely event a package is damaged or misplaced.

Buying of Precious Metals

They buy, sell and trade all sorts of precious metals, and more importantly, they ensure you purchase the right coin at the correct time. They break down each step and walk each client through the purchasing process.

Their prices are also competitive and completely open, and no hidden costs or fees are added. Your bullion is allocated to you and you alone.

Guaranteed Coin Consignment Program

American Federal Coin and Bullion

With most consignment dealers, you take the market risk; you don't receive any money until your coins are sold, and it can take up to several months to get paid.

American Federal comes in handy when it comes to consignments since they:

  • Pay 1/3 cash offer for your coins upfront
  • Complete deals in four to six weeks
  • Pay you at least the original offer despite any circumstance
  • Pay you the original offer even if the market collapses
  • Allow you to sell them your unsold coins at any time at the original price

American Federal Coins and Bullion has been rated on several rating and review sites. The common ones are the following, together with their rating score.

  • BBB - 5/5 rating
  • Trustpilot - 4.7/5 rating with 206 reviews
  • Yelp - 3.5/5 rating based on three reviews

There are also tonnes of reviews, especially on Trustpilot. The reviews are mostly positive feedback about the company's services. Some termed the services as "friendly and engaging." According to one reviewer, it's the best place to purchase or sell gold.

She says she's been buying gold from the company since she discovered they had fair prices.

They are very professional, knowledgeable, and honest in their deals. She says the American Federal Coin and Bullion have outstanding customer service, and they will serve you honestly and ethically.

Another reviewer commented that he found the best prices for his Gold and Silver orders. His order came in promptly and found everyone there competent with knowledge. He was impressed with their services, terming them friendly and engaging.

Another reviewer also mentioned that every experience made with American Federal Coin & Bullion has been positive. On TrustPilot (a reviews site), American Federal Coin & Bullion is badged as a verified company, meaning it can be trusted by prospecting clients.

The company has deemed itself able to exceed customer expectations ever since it was founded. America Federal Rare Coin & Bullion strives to provide clients with knowledge on rare coins and precious metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum, palladium e.t.c.

They uphold Transparency, respect, and honesty, as they are critical components in developing long-term partnerships with our clients.

Like every other organization or company, America Federal Rare Coin & Bullion also has its advantages and disadvantages, as listed below.

Pros & Cons of American Federal Coin and Bullion


  • With a diverse catalog of products, they offer many products and services to choose from.
  • Established in 1985, they have been in the industry for almost 40 years, meaning they have experience.
  • They are a registered and certified member of various organizations and associations in the precious metals industry.


  • They Lack online reviews and ratings.

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