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What is Amagi Metals? Does the company have a good reputation? Should I use them to diversify my portfolio by investing in precious metals?

If you've come to this article with these questions in mind, you're not alone. Many other people are also wondering whether Amagi Precious Metals is a good company to work with and one they can trust to help them purchase precious metals. So, today, we thought we'd take a look at Amagi Metals and share everything you'll want to know about the company to decide if you'd like to give them your business. Keep reading to learn more!

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Picking the right company to invest with is a huge financial decision. We understand this and we take pride in providing accurate and reliable information. We are always continuing to research and update our recommendations!

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  • Product: Precious metals
  • Owner: Anthem Vault (parent company)
  • Overall Rating: 3.1/5

About Amagi Metals

Amagi Metals Review

Amagi Metals is a relatively new company with over four years of experience. The company has office locations is Las Vegas, Nevada, Austin Texas, and Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Amagi Metals was founded with the mission to make the process of buying precious metals easier for their customers. They also wanted to educate each client on making important finance-related decisions and keeping their money protected.

The website outlines five key values that Amagi Metals believes in. These include:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Service
  • Quality
  • Simplicity

They want to help their clients understand the importance of investing in precious metals as a way to hedge against financial uncertainty and preserve their wealth.


Amagi Metals Review

Interested in adding some gold to your portfolio? Anthem Gold offers a selection of fractional gold, gold coins, and gold bars. Some of the available selections include:

Fractional Gold

  • 1 gram Perth Gold Bar
  • 1 gram Valcambi Suisse 999.9 Fine Gold Bar
  • 25x1 gram Gold Canadian Maple Leaf .9999 Fine Gold


  • American Gold Eagle Coins
  • American Gold Buffalo Coins
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins
  • Chinese Gold Panda Coins
  • South African Gold Krugerrand Coins
  • Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins


  • 1 oz PAMP Fortuna Suisse Gold Bar
  • 10 oz PAMP Fortuna Suisse Gold Bar


Amagi Metals Review

You can also purchase silver pieces through Amagi Metals. Choose from fractional silver pieces, silver coins, silver rounds, and silver bars.

Fractional Silver

  • 1 gram Silver Black Bear Bar
  • 1 gram Silver Buffalo Bar
  • 1 gram Silver Maple Leaf Round
  • 1 gram Silver Panda Round


  • American Silver Eagle Coins
  • Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coins
  • 90% Silver Coins ($1 face value)
  • 90% Silver Coins ($1 face value)


  • 1 oz Proof-Like Joy to The World – Silver Shield .999 fine round
  • 1 oz Silver Buffalo Indian Head Round
  • 1 oz Silver Sunshine Mint Round
  • 1 oz Silver Liberty Round


  • 10 oz Generic IRA-Approved .999 Fine Silver Bar
  • 100 oz Silver Bar .999 Fine Silver


Platinum is another precious metal offered by Amagi Metals. At this time, the only platinum piece they offer is the 1 oz Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf Coin.

Base Metals

Amagi Metals Review

The ability to invest in base metals, such as copper and aluminum, is relatively unique to Amagi Metals. Many other companies don't offer these options. Some of the different base metals you can purchase through Amagi Metals include:

  • ¼ oz Niobium Buffalo Bar
  • 1 oz Copper Jesus Crucifixion Round – Silver Shield Collection
  • 1 oz Copper Freedom Girl Round – Silver Shield Collection
  • 10 troy oz Titanium Bullion Buffalo Bar
  • 10 troy oz Copper Bullion Buffalo Bar

Knowledge Center

Amagi Metals Review

If you're interested in learning more about precious metals or why you should invest in them, visit the Knowledge Center on Amagi Metals website. This section includes information on Numismatics and why you may be interested in coin collecting. You can also check the glossary of terms to learn more about some common words related to precious metals and coins. This can help you better understand some of the different classes of metals and categories within each metal type.

The Knowledge Center also includes a "blog" section that links to the Anthem Gold (Amagi Metals parent company) website's news center. Here you can read articles related to investing in precious metals.

Are There Any Red Flags for Amagi Metals?

Amagi Metals Review

One of our top strategies when checking out a company to see if there are any red flags is to read through online reviews from past customers. We've found that you can learn a lot about a company, that you won't find by simply looking at their website, this way. Reviews give a more complete picture of how a company conducts business and treats their customers.

As we prepared to write this review article for Amagi Metals, we turned to our four most trusted online review sites: the Better Business Bureau, the Business Consumer Alliance, TrustLink, and Trustpilot. We were a bit surprised to find that there were no reviews for Amagi Metals on any of these sites.

No reviews does not always mean that a company conducts business poorly or doesn't offer the best customer support, but it certainly leaves a lot for you to wonder. There is some real peace of mind in reading multiple positive reviews from past customers, and you can't get that same peace of mind when there is no feedback to be read.

  • Better Business Bureau: Not rated; not a BBB Accredited Business
  • Business Consumer Alliance: Not rated
  • TrustLink: Not rated
  • Trustpilot: Not rated

Is Amagi Metals a Scam?

Amagi Metals Review

So, is Amagi Metals a scam? No, it does not appear that Amagi Metals is a scam. They are a true business that has been in business for about five years.

Now that we've established that Amagi Metals appears to be a legitimate company, your next question is probably whether they are the right company for you to work with. This seems to be an entirely different question, and we wouldn't recommend giving your business to Amagi Metals.

The lack of any reviews on the four trusted sites above makes us very hesitant to recommend working with Amagi Metals. It simply leaves too many unknowns regarding the product quality and customer service you'll receive. Especially knowing that there are multiple other precious metals investment companies that have hundreds or thousands of reviews from previous customers on these same review sites.

Another thing that we don't love about Amagi Metals is that they don't appear to offer IRA services. While many other precious metals investment companies can help you set up a Gold or Silver IRA, it does not appear that Amagi Metals will do this. Since setting up a Precious Metals IRA is such a wonderful way to diversify your portfolio and prepare for retirement, the fact that you can't do so with Amagi Metals is a bit of a turn-off.

Amagi Metals also does not offer storage options for their customers. Many other companies offer you to the option of storing your precious metals in a secure vault or depository with full insurance. This isn't the case with Amagi Metals, so if you're interested in secure storage outside of your home, you'll have to arrange for it separately.


  • The company has been in business for more than four years and has three office locations in the United States.
  • Amagi Metals wants to keep the process of buying precious metals as easy as possible for each customer.
  • They aim to educate each customer about the importance of diversifying a portfolio with precious metals.
  • You can purchase gold, silver, and platinum bars and coins.
  • Unlike many other precious metals investment companies, Amagi Metals also offers investors the opportunity to purchase base metals, such as copper and aluminum.
  • The "Knowledge" center on the website can help you learn more about investing in precious metals to help you make more informed decisions to benefit your financial future.


  • In addition to gold and silver, you can also purchase platinum and base metals like aluminum and copper through Amagi Metals.
  • Amagi Metals believes in education and helping each client make informed investment decisions.
  • The website offers a knowledge center that you can visit to learn more about investing in precious metals.


  • There are no reviews for Amagi Metals on the trusted review sites we checked.
  • They can't help you set up a Precious Metals IRA.
  • Amagi Metals does not offer precious metals storage options to their customers.
  • At the time this article was written, many of the precious metals on the website were out of stock.

Final Verdict

Would we recommend using Amagi Metals to purchase precious metals? No, we would advise against choosing this company. There are too many unknowns with the lack of reviews, plus they don't offer IRA or storage services. We think a little more research will help you discover that there are other better IRA companies out there that come with high reviews and better services than Amagi Metals offers.

We believe that there are better companies out there to make your investment with.

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