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Precious metals available in the form of bullion and coins have recently become so popular. Experts attribute this to economic hardships that cause the value of currencies to fluctuate. But to get genuine precious metals at a reasonable price, you must look for a legitimate and trusted dealer. One such vendor is Alhambra Coin Center. It is still not known whether this dealer is a scam or legit. But that's what this article aims to unearth.

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So What Is Alhambra Coin Center?

Alhambra Coin Center

It is an established marketplace and dealer of antiques, jewelry, bullion, numismatics, and coins. Alhambra Coin Center was founded in 1975 by Jay and Malcolm, two brothers with vast knowledge about rare coins, numismatics, and other precious metals. Its headquarters is based in Alhambra, a suburb of Los Angeles. Since its establishment, the marketplace has become a central hub for precious metal dealers.

Alhambra Coin Center dealt with bullion, numismatics, and coins before broadening its scope to other precious metals. Due to its commitment to ethics, service, and professionalism, Alhambra Coin Center has expanded into antiques and jewelry. Its affiliation includes,

Numismatic Guaranty Corp (NGC)

NGC is one of the world's most respected coin grading companies. NGC requires dealers to show significant financial backing and prove they have been a coin dealer for at least a year before approval as an affiliate member.

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)

You must have been in the coin dealership business for at least three years to become an associate of PCGS, one of the world's most respected third-party grading companies. Your business must also have a capitalization of at least $100,000, including the stock.

American Numismatic Association (ANA)

Established in 1981, ANA is the world's largest and oldest money collector. A dealer must be bound by a code of ethics and have good standing before approval as an ANA member.

Professional Numismatic Guild (PNG)

An average of 25 years of experience is required to trade as a PNG member. The organization also requires its members to solve trade disputes through a binding arbitration process. Only top world coin dealers and US echelons qualify as PNG members. The organization strictly prohibits trading paper money or coins misrepresented in any way.

Who Owns the Alhambra Coin Center?

Alhambra Coin Center

Jay and Malcolm Varner are the two brothers behind the creation of the Alhambra Coin Center. The two brothers have served as professional numismatists since 1968. Malcolm has gained a reputation for his expertise in rare coins. He has handled dozens of rare coins over four decades of experience in the precious metals industry. Malcolm has handled some of the most valuable coins in the industry. Both Malcolm and Jay are Professional Numismatists Guild constituents. The duo is experienced with other things, including antiques, estate jewelry, and watches.

Products Offered by Alhambra Coin Center

A wide range of watches, jewelry, antiques, and coins are available at Alhambra Coin Center. When you visit the Alhambra Coin Center website, browse the catalog that shows products available for sale. The prices for each product are also available on the website.

How Alhambra Coin Center Works

Alhambra Coin Center

Alhambra Coin Center lets you buy online or visit a physical address. You must create an account before placing an order on the Alhambra Coin Center's website. If you want to sell an item that Alhambra Coin Center might be interested in, visit their website and navigate to the Expert Selection tab.

Here, you can feed information about the product you want to sell. But there is a form you need to fill up before executing a sale. Upon submitting the item you want to sell, an Alhambra admin will contact you and probably send you an offer. Your transaction will complete once Alhambra Coin Center receives the item and pays you.

How Alhambra Coin Center Ships its Products

Alhambra claims to offer free delivery services on all precious metals purchased on its website. Your order gets shipped the moment Alhambra Coin Center receives your payment. On average, it takes 1 to 3 days for your order to be delivered to your address. The company that Alhambra Coin Center chooses to ship with may vary depending on the value of your purchase. Alhambra Coin Center ships orders under $500 via the United States Postal Service, while items worth over $500 are delivered through Federal Express. But either way, Alhambra guarantees the safety and security of all your orders. Alhambra Coin Center requires an adult to sign a fulfillment form upon delivery.

Acceptable Payment Options

Payment options accepted by Alhambra Coin Center include Paypal and credit cards through secure Paypal processing. Business and personal checks are also acceptable on this website. But money orders and cashier checks are unacceptable.

Services and Products offered at Alhambra Coin Center

Alhambra Coin Center


Dozens of gold, silver, nickel, and copper coins are available for sale at Alhambra Coin Center. Their prices range from $110 to $40,000, with the 1883-O Morgan Dollar being the cheapest coin on the platform. Conversely, the 1800 Draped Bust is the most expensive coin at Alhambra Coin Center, trading at $39,750. Coins are filtered into categories such as silver, nickel, gold, and copper. They can also be filtered by surface toning, price, mint location, designation, strike type, grading service, and circulation.

Watches and Jewelry

Watches and jewelry are also available on the Alhambra Coin Center's website. Some watches offered on this website include;

  • 1870 Richard Keywind Keyset Watch
  • 14K Plated Stainless Gruen Wrist Watch
  • 14K Lady Waltham Hunting Pocket Watch
  • Illinois 161A Railroad Pocket Watch
  • 18K Gold Hunting Case Pocket Watch

Watches offered by Alhambra Coin Center can be categorized by movement, display, antique, age, style, closure, price, and the country made.

Alhambra Coin Center Ratings and Reviews

Alhambra Coin Center

Alhambra Coin Center is Better Business Bureau accredited. The business has been in operation for 47 years. It will take approximately 2 hours to get to the Alhambra Coin Center offices from Oceanside. Hundreds of customers leave the Alhambra Coin Center happy with their services. The staff at Alhambra Coin Center treats clients nicely and always offers a listening ear.

Pros and Cons of Trading on the Alhambra Coin Center


  • Great services.
  • Excellent affiliations.
  • Expertise in the precious metals industry.
  • No complaints.
  • Lots of positive reviews.
  • A proven track record.


  • Not BBB accredited.
  • An under-developed website with insufficient information.
  • No IRA services.

Website Usability

When you visit the Alhambra Coin Center homepage, you might think the website is well-developed. The homepage looks great and is easy to use. However, some pages on this website are unfinished. Example of such pages includes the Antique page, which is empty, and the About Page.

Is Alhambra Legit or Scam?

Alhambra is an accredited and legit precious metal dealer. The dealer has been in operation since 1975, and if it were an illegitimate business, it would have been shut down or exposed long ago. So far, there are no online complaints about Alhambra Coin Center. The legitimacy of Alhambra Coin Center is backed by its affiliates.

Besides a few concerns, such as BBB accreditation and an unprofessional website, Alhambra is a trusted coin dealer. If you're looking for a trusted investment firm, try Alhambra Coin Center. Based on online reviews and ratings, this is a legit firm where you can invest in jewelry, coins, and watches without worrying that you might be scammed.

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