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Accurate Precious Metals is a website that reviews various precious metals companies, including Gold, Platinum, and Diamonds. This company claims to be "the oldest and largest precious metals resource on the Internet.." and "the Internet's most popular precious metals review site."

It provides a wide variety of information on precious metals, including market and economic trends, international metal prices, the current US mints production, bullion coins, and collectibles. Accurate Precious Metals also provides investing information for the different precious metal markets.

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Accurate Precious Metals Review

About Accurate Precious Metals


Accurate Precious Metals has a wide variety of precious metals for sale:


The site offers to add Gold to your portfolio because "the price is at a historical low… the price of Gold is likely to double in the next three years." This company carries a wide variety of gold coins, bullion, and collectibles. Accurate Precious Metals' main product is bullion coins. Each coin sold on their website has unique characteristics, offered at different prices and weights. Governments make these gold coins.


This site also offers platinum for your portfolio. According to Accurate Precious Metals, the price of platinum is "likely to move higher over the next few years." As with Gold, this company sells both bullion and collectibles. The difference between Gold and platinum is that platinum is much rare than Gold. This coin has a purity of .9995+ fineness. The company claimed it is the "premier platinum bullion coin in the world and has just achieved a new level of popularity."

The American Platinum Eagle is an official the United States Mint American Eagle Bullion Coin backed by the United States government. It is a platinum bullion coin that weighs one troy ounce. Since 1997, it has been minted by the United States Mint.

Accurate Precious Metals Review


This site also carries a wide variety of silver coins and bars. Unlike gold and platinum bullion coins, this product is minted by other companies without any backing from the United States government. The purity level of silver is .999 or higher, depending on the coin. It is usually alloyed with copper or nickel to increase its strength. Accurate Precious Metals carries a wide assortment of silver bullion and collectible bar products. Mostly these products are minted in the United States, but some come from other countries.


This company also offers diamonds for sale. Unlike Gold, platinum, and silver, which are priced by weight and purity level, diamonds are priced by carat weight and quality/color. The price of a diamond is influenced by four main factors: market demand, production levels, grade of the stones, and location. Accurate Precious Metals advises you to determine diamond prices on their site because the "prices quoted online vary tremendously."

1-5 Stars Rating System

Accurate Precious Metals provides a variety of websites so people can rate them and their products. These stars are very similar to the first five-star rate system in every way possible. This company claims "it's easy to earn five stars." The difference is that they claim you have to review your purchases and show people how much you like the products or services you have received from this company.


Accurate Precious Metals was founded in 1999 by Michael R. Farrago III, a long-time precious metals investor and current president. Under his leadership, the company is headquartered at its Lafayette, Colorado headquarters, with international offices in Perth, Australia; Beijing, China; Washington DC and London, England.

Pros & Cons of Accurate Precious Metals


  • They provide a variety of the highest quality products and market information with reliable pricing on their website; this is an excellent way to invest in the precious metals market.
  • They are committed to ethical investing, and their policies follow all SEC guidelines. This company has strict policies that adhere to all SEC, FINRA, and governmental regulations.
  • Accurate Precious Metals has incredible customer service who will always try to help you with any problems or questions you have about precious metals and offers suggestions as to how you may be able to use these products to your advantage.
  • They offer informative reports and videos about precious metals on their website for people who want to learn more about investing in this great product! If there is anything, you are curious about regarding precious metals investing, definitely check this resource out!
  • They offer a live members-only chat room where you can talk with other customers and staff members in real-time on a 24/7 basis which is highly convenient for customers and staff members alike.
  • They have various products to choose from and an extensive product catalog updated daily.
  • The company offers fractional gold coins that are made by the United States Mint (1/10 oz) and the Perth Mint (1/2 oz)
  • They offer various Uncirculated American coins, such as Buffalo Gold Coin, American Eagle Bullion Coins, American Platinum Eagle Bullion Coins, and others.
  • They sell coins from 1 gram to 10 grams or more of gold or platinum coins with different weights for each type of coin.
  • Their prices are usually much lower than other precious metals companies due to their wide variety of products at low prices.
  • Precious Metals Hold Their Value Against Inflation- Although it is difficult to determine a positive return on investment in the volatile market, the precious metals industry holds its value against inflation.
  • Their company uses Pay Pal for your convenience and security when making purchases.
  • They have a large variety of coins from different countries worldwide, including; the United States, Australia, Canada, China, and more.


  • This company may be a little complicated when viewing the prices online, especially during peak trading times. Many of the prices listed on Accurate Precious Metals are incredibly high or not listed.
  • It can be challenging to view your purchases online while they are being processed and shipped out. It is only something one can fix after purchase, as there is no way for them to know if you will purchase the product until it has been shipped out.
  • This company does not sell products directly; instead, they provide links to their base page to show you where you can make your purchases from reputable dealers or third-party sellers.
  • The company does not offer a wide variety of gold or platinum coins and bars that are economically feasible to buy by the average consumer.
  • The site is primarily focused on precious metals investment knowledge rather than Gold or platinum coins as collectibles.

Final Verdict

Accurate Precious Metals is an excellent resource for precious metals investors. This site has an extensive product catalog with pricing information and extensive international coin listings. One of the best features of Accurate Precious Metals is their free members-only chat room, where you can get live support and talk to other people who are invested in this industry. They have a five-star rating system which makes it easy for you to give them feedback about the products you're looking for or the service you have received. The company gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of its products, so there is no risk when purchasing from this online retailer.

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